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All American Season 3 Episode 3: Preview and Recap

All American Season 3 Episode 3

Created by April Blair, All American is a sports drama television series that debuted in the entertainment industry in October 2018 and premiered on The CW. The series is inspired by the life of Spencer Paysinger, the former professional American footballer. It takes us back to his initial training days when he worked hardback in high school to rise up. It is loosely based on the challenges, the player faced in his early career to reach the point in his life where he proudly stands today.

The third season of All American dropped its second episode last week and before you sit down to watch the third episode today, let’s get you through a brief recap if you’ve missed watching the last episode. After recalling the details are very necessary!

Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

So the episode that premiered last week was full of conflicts, conflicts, and a hell of a lot of conflicts. Obviously, what more do you expect when a team gets a new coach they clearly don’t feel like belongs on their turf? The way Billy handles the cold conduct of his team members clearly shows the amount of integrity he has of himself and how he is able to put it all together. His character is somewhat similar to Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights partially. The shows, too, are similar on some grounds, especially when the teamwork and work ethics that are portrayed is affecting everyone who has ever watched the high school football drama.

Regardless, we totally love a coach who knows how to warm himself around a team that doubts him from the beginning. As they progress, we see that Spencer has been welcomed back into the team, but he has been asked to play the mediator between Chris and Darnell yet again. He is asked which of the two should actually earn the title of QB. I hope we get to see Spencer utilize and explore this kind of power beyond the context of significant and influential he may or may not be for Billy. But right now, he is just stuck in the middle.

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Daniel Ezra as Spencer James

Stress comes to us in all forms, and we tend to neglect how much impact it has on us and our everyday life. But when it comes to Spencer, he tends to brush it all aside. When seen from the depicted character perspective in the show, we want the best for Spencer, especially when it comes to his mental health. Mental health is the most important aspect, and writers clearly have done a great job in depicting the storyline with Layla that was portrayed in the last season. Generally, we don’t get to see the same attention being given to the male characters in shows. When it comes to a man’s mental health, it’s seen as taboo for him to even talk about it or expresses whatever he has been feeling lately. But we hope that as we get to explore more about the stress, Spencer has been going through, being back at South Crenshaw and all his personal matters, the writers are likely to depict the mental health effects too.

Promotional poster of Season 3

South Crenshaw is now getting used to changes now as D’Angelo is taking away funds from the football program and using it in other academic programs. He definitely appears to be a villain set in store for the present season, and we’re particularly drowning in confusion about how it’ll work out between him and Billy. But it will still be nice to see some flashbacks between both of them so that we can’t get a clear picture of what actually happened back then. Well, if we’re speaking about changes, I should not forget to mention a change at Beverly. We’ve got a new coach at the institute, Coach Montez. We don’t generally get to see female football coaches, but it’s extraordinary how she initially has to address that she understands all the concepts associated with football, and it’s not her first time coaching a team to assume them she’s legit. As women, we feel we are always required to give an explanation, attached with proof. But here, Montez is a badass, and we’re really excited to see what direction her conduct and confidence take Beverely in and what it will mean as Jordan now enters the spot of QB.

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All American Season 3 Episode 3

Similarly, another piece of the badass moment was the one where Layla resolved a conflict that Coop decided to unleash on her. The conflict, however, doesn’t end in the episode. Her conduct of professionalism with Coop was amazing to watch because as much as she is a friend, she is her manager too. So setting boundaries and standing her ground in the way and how she did, it was appreciative. Layla is patient and manages her team properly. She takes ownership quickly and never fails to stand up to the expectations and her responsibilities. The present season has depicted beautifully how she has pushed herself in a nice place after whatever she’s has gone through in the previous season.

So, all in all, the episode does a great at showing us different ways to survive conflicts and find a resolution to them. And also, it looks like Olivia and Asher weren’t on a break. Asher had a fun summer with Vanessa, but they surely have zero chemistry between them. So this likely frees up more chances and opens up more doors for Spencer and Olivia to be together and be a thing. We’ve yet to know a hell lot about the Summer Of Secrets. What actually happened between Spencer and Olivia? We didn’t really get to know much from this episode, but as soon the show progresses, we’re likely to witness the actual truth. Till then, enjoy your recap and wait for the next episode to air.

All American Season 3 Episode 3

A still from the show

All American Season 3 Episode 3 Release Date

All American stars Daniel Ezra as Spencer James, Bre-Z as Tamia “Coop” Cooper, Greta Onieogou as Layla Keating, Samantha Logan as Olivia Baker, Michael Evans Behling as Jordan Baker, Cody Christian as Asher Adams, Karimah Westbrook as Grace James, Monét Mazur as Laura Fine-Baker, Taye Diggs as Billy Baker in prominent roles alongside Jay Reeves, Hunter Clowdus, Spence Moore II and various others in recurring roles. It has successfully delivered two entire seasons and is currently airing its third season that goes renewed in January 2020 and started airing on 18 January 2021. Two episodes have been dropped by the show, while All American Season 3 Episode 3 is scheduled to air on 1 February 2021 on The CW and is available for online streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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