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Keemstar Girlfriend: Who Is The Youtuber Dating In 2021?

Keemstar dating

We are no strangers to the name Keemstar, and the Youtuber is likewise no stranger to controversies. This piece will delve into the dating life of Keemstar. Recently he made it to the headlines again, but this time for his latest relationship. Keemstar in his announcement, did not reveal her girlfriend’s name and since then, Netizens have been on tenterhooks to know more about the YouTuber’s girlfriend. If you also have been wondering the same, then we have got it all covered for you. In the subsequent sections of this article, we will be talking about who is Keemstar dating in 2021.

Daniel M. Keem, a.k.a Keemstar is an American Youtuber, podcaster, and streamer. Best known for hosting the Internet popular culture news shoe ‘Drama Alert’, Keemstar is 39 years old. He kicked off his YouTube career in 2009 with his appearance in a Halo 3 video. The same year he started his own YouTube channel ‘xDJKEEMSTAR’, and later in 2014 registered the channel Drama Alert. In his 12 years long career, he every now and then became a part of conflicts and controversies. As of 2021, he has 5.28 million subscribers on his channel, which is a number 1 source for news on social interactions in online entertainment, according to his channel’s meta description.

Who is Keemstar Dating in 2021?

Keemstar dating

Keemstar with his girlfriend, Christine Youngman

As of 2021, Keemstar is dating Christine Youngman. The Drama Alert host recently introduced his girlfriend by sharing a picture with her. What Christine does for a living is still not clear, but from her Instagram bio, it is clear that the 20-year-old hails from Austin, Texas, and currently resides in Buffalo, New York. According to Keemstar, he met Christine at a fan meet where she came with one of her friends. Also, he posted a video clip on Twitter and revealed that his girlfriend has her own job, but what line of work she is involved in is unknown and yet to be revealed.

Christine is just 20 years old, while Keemstar is 39 years old. This age gap has dragged him once again into the pool of controversies and accusations. His fellow YouTuber Trisha slammed him and accused him of manipulating a 20-year-old girl who doesn’t have a properly developed mind at this age. Also, she stated that young women only date men this older like Keemstar for just wealth. In addition to this face-off, Keemstar struck back at her by posting a picture of Christine on his Instagram handle. He captioned it, “Trisha I’m never letting sit in my car stay jellybean mad you psycho!!!”. Just announcing his relationship has got him into so much trouble, let’s see if this relationship of his will be heading to the next level or to the pits.

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Keemstar and his war of words

The mainstream news likes to call the Drama Alert’s host the pioneer of controversial and opinionated content on YouTube. Keemstar is known to speak what’s on his mind and is never afraid to share his point of view. Well, this quality of his has led him several times into a war of words, and he has been the center of many controversies. For instance, in 2016, he posted a tweet pointing directly at the YouTuber TotalBiscuit, who was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. In the tweet, he said that he could not wait to report his death on his channel. Apologizing for the tweet later, he deleted it and TotalBiscuit died in 2018.

Keemstar also has a daughter named Mia, who has also been dragged sometimes in his conflicts. That’s just one of the many controversies he has been a part of. Another being the 2019’s body-shaming accusations. YouTuber Jake Paul accused him of body-shaming his then-girlfriend Erika Costell. Keemstar compared his body to a YouTuber Eugenia Cooney who had an eating disorder. A YouTuber Etika in 2019, attempted suicide, and people blamed Keemstar for “egging on” him. Earlier, Keem interviewed Etika, who has been posting suicidal messages to social media. In the interview, he said “If you really think about it, then why live? Just jump off a cliff,”.

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