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Who Does Subaru End Up With In The Anime Adaptation Of Re: Zero?

Who does Subaru end up with
Re: Zero

In this article, we will be disclosing who does Subaru end up with?. Now, after the second season of the Anime adaptation of the Japanese light novel Re: Zero has been released, people have been tending to the internet for more information on the same. They have been curious to know how will the story conclude. Before you began to scroll further, let me warn you that in this piece, you might encounter some spoilers as well. But if you want to know that if finally, Subaru will acknowledge his feelings for Rem or will he choose Emilia, then this is the spot. So get going and find out the answers to your questions.

The first season of Re: Zero premiered in 2019 and was renewed for a second season which aired in 2021. The plot revolves around the main protagonist Subaru who can come back to life after dying. This pretty cool plot device has managed to draw viewers and has amassed a huge fanbase. The love life of the main lead has always been a topic of debate. And it even gets heated if it’s a love triangle as of Re: Zero. From the start, the only two female characters that have been prominent are Rem and Emilia. Consisting of 25 episodes, the finale of the second season was released on March 24, this year.

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Does Subaru end up with Rem?

Who does Subaru end up with

Subaru and Rem

If you are a Rem and Subaru shipper, then the next line might break your heart. Subaru in the end, chooses Emilia over Rem, giving Rem the second spot in his life. First obviously occupied by Emilia. Subaru has been madly in love with Emilia the second he saw him. However, love at first does not necessarily mean compatibility too. But it seems like the writers are Subaru and Emilia shippers. From even before the anime adaptation, the fandom has been divided between Rem and Emilia. If even there were polls to be held, Rem would certainly win. But Emilia is a character that is not very much adored by fans, but howsoever she lives in the heart of the protagonist.

Rem, on the other hand, is a girl who is head over heels in love with Subaru. But she has always been the second option for Subaru. Rooting for the second lead is nothing new. Instead of the main leads, the love of fans seems to bend over the second lead, and Rem’s case is nothing different. This, however does not mean that Rem is that piece of the plot that has been forcefully shoved. All those who have been following the storyline from the beginning will know that Subaru is the person that gave Rem’s life meaning, and her love for him is selfless, pure, and true.

Rem’s confession and the rejection

It’s not the status that Rem is all pure and good, but her character development has been something that sowed the seeds of empathy. Rem has twice tried to kill Subaru, but he instead forgave her, believing that evil has a good side too. His confidence in Rem was the only thing that changed her and made her realize that she was also capable of kindness. Although killing the lead is not something to be that easily exonerated. At least not by the fans. The highlight of the story for Rem was when she confessed her feelings for Subaru to him. Poor Rem got rejected but still remained dedicated. Rem even faked her death to make Subaru confess his love for her. Her happiness was directly linked to Subaru’s happiness, even if she wasn’t the one with who Subaru end with.

Was Emilia the right choice?

Who does Subaru end up with

Subaru and Emilia

This question is something that is not at all answerable. Both Rem and Emilia were equally important to Subaru. Emilia was the one who always encouraged him as well as his true supporter. Rem every time was there to save him, risking her life in the process. To Rem, Subaru was foremost, not even her own life was as important as him. Now talking about Subaru’s assertion, he loved both Rem and Emilia the same. His love for Emilia was neverending, and for Rem it was instinctive. We can keep speculating and arguing, stating our shreds of evidence, but after all, it’s fiction. Fiction that totally depends on the imagination of the one writing the screenplay. Life is unpredictable it always surprises us, and things never go as we plan. So instead of agonizing over the conclusion, we should rather enjoy the journey and appreciate the narrative.

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