Akame Ga Kill! Zero: Who Does Tatsumi End Up With?

Who does Tatsumi end up with
Akame Ga Kill!

This article will delve into the plot of the Japanese manga series Akame ga Kill! Zero and further will unveil that Who does Tatsumi end up with?. These days several adaptions come into the picture, but this piece will particularly focus on the storyline of the manga adaptation. There is also an anime revamping as well as more manga adaptations of the same, but the difference in the respective storylines is significant. At the head of the queue, I will like to warn you that this is not spoiler-free, and you may happenstance come across some major spoilers. If you are okay with that, then let’s get going and find out that when it comes down to it, who will Tatsumi end up with.

To cut a long story short, Tatsumi is devoted to destroying the empire and transforms into a dragon in the wake of the same. The manga adaptation first aired on October 25, 2013, and the screenplay is written by Takahiro. In total to date, 10 volumes have been released, and there are 5 volumes of the English translation. The first volume of The New York times Manga bestseller list spot holder stayed on the list for three weeks and ranked at number 6 for one week. All the manga adaptions combined have sold 3.3 million copies as reported till August 2016.

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Who is Tatsumi in Akame Ga Kill?

The storyline centers around a young fighter who wants to help his poverty-stricken village. In order to raise money for his village and get somewhere and flourish sets forth with his two childhood friends. Amidst his separation from his sidekicks Iyesau and Sayo, and the shortage of money, he encounters the seemingly dangerous group of Assassins and is all alone in the Capital. Tatsumi wants to join the Night Raid, so he kills the girl Aria who gave him shelter and is recruited. Aria lives in a mansion and belongs to a wealthy family however she has a dark side. He is drawn towards ending her life as he comes to know that Aria tortured and killed his companions. Now his journey with the Night Raid begins.

Who does Tatsumi end up with

Tatsumi believes that joining the Night Raid and help them fight against corruption would, in the final analysis, aid the situation of his village. So he ultimately begins to accept his new life and proudly owns his primary weapon, which is a short dagger. As the story progresses, we get to see him evolve as an individual and become a skilled warrior. The young man of average height who has beautiful green eyes further perdures to inherit Bulat’s Teigu, a.k.a Teigu Incursio. With Incursio by his side, Tatsumi seems unstoppable, but its continued use consumes his body. Fusion takes place by the dint of which he is converted into a dragon. Consequently turning his beautiful green eyes to firey red, but his mind remains.

Who does Tatsumi end up with?

After months of speculations and vibrant storylines for the character, the writers finally gave the fans what they wished for. Tatsumi, in his dragon form marries Mine, who gives birth to their first child. Mine has not been the love interest of Tatsumi in the start but eventually in the series of events, he starts falling for her. This wasn’t the usual typical romance where the male lead at the first sight becomes obsessed with the girl. Ultimately several episodes are devoted to him crushing over her until he finally wins her heart. In Tatsumi’s case, however, the girl confesses her feelings and initiates the possibility of a relationship.

Who does Tatsumi end up with
Tatsumi and Mine

Mine and Tatsumi met at the Army itself. While he was recruited, Mine was already there as the sniper. Initially, the two disliked each other. After Tatsumi saves Mine from a suicide bombing attack, feelings start kindling in her heart. In due course of time, those feelings transfigure into strong attractions and then ultimately love. Mine is a girl who is a victim of discrimination and racism. And being a sniper, her primary tool is a machine gun. Last but not least, one of the most interesting facts about this pink-haired girl is that her powers are amplified in conformity with her emotions. Our delicate little heart shatters when Mine comes face to face with her death which is later revealed to be a state of coma. Fortunately, to reunite with her love she wakes up, and in the end, lives happily ever after as a family.

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