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Never Have I Ever Season 2 Ending Explained: Does Devi End Up With Paxon?

Never Have I Ever

Netflix’s Never Have I Ever premiered on Netflix in late April and instantly became the must-watch of quarantine. The coming-of-age comedy from co-makers Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher follows the first-generation Indian American girl experiencing childhood in Southern California. Eighteen-year-old Maitreyi Ramakrishnan plays our heroine Devi Vishwakumar. The series joins Sex Education, Atypical, and The End of the F*ing World as one more teen show holding the attention of viewers looking to relive (or not) their long-ago days of angst, puberty, anger, and confusion about the world.

In the aftermath of the Never Have I Ever season 1 finale, the state of Devi’s issues was left hanging out there. After spreading her dad’s ashes in the ocean, Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) got back together with Ben (Jaren Lewison) in his car for a long-anticipated kiss. In the meantime, Paxton (Darren Barnet) at long last wised up and realized he cared deeply about Devi. During her lip-lock with Ben, Paxton leaves a voicemail that only serves to further confuse Devi in regards to her feeling about both of the boys in her life.

In any case, Never Have I Ever season 2 tossed Devi plenty more curveballs that knocked her relationships with both Ben and Paxton. Let’s breakdown down the ending of season 2 and explain who Devi at last picks… since she certainly made a choice.

Did Ben and Devi End Up Together In The Final of Never Have I Ever Season 2

Although Devi decides to juggle both Ben and Paxton toward the beginning of the season, thanks to Fabiola’s (Lee Rodriguez) innocent mention of dating both, Devi doesn’t conclusively end up with Ben in season 2. When her two-timing is uncovered, she loses both of her boyfriends.

Ben begins dating Aneesa (Megan Suri), the new student in school and the fellow Indian girl who sends Devi into a twisting. Regardless of her lingering feelings for Ben resulting in jealousy, Devi and Ben don’t figure out how to make it work. However, Ben now realizes that Devi always cared deeply about him.

Devi and Ben- never have I ever season 2

Never Have I Ever

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Does Devi End Up With Paxon in The Final of Never have I Ever season 2

Paxton’s generally been bashed by his sister, Rebecca, for treating Devi awful, consequently why Devi’s been so insecure all of the time. He recalls every one of the moments they spent together, how Devi urged him to be better, and now how scholarship opportunities are opening up for him beyond swimming. He gets ready and heads off after getting a call from the school informing him that his grades are improving.

Devi was unable to stand seeing Ben and Aneesa, her former opponent, appearing as though they’re infatuated, however, she’s immediately distracted by Paxton’s confession. He needs to open up to the world as her boyfriend as he’s, as of now, not embarrassed that he was undermined. They enter the dance and keeping in mind that Paxton’s friends look on with disdain, he’s glad to be there, hitting the dance floor with Devi as he wants to give offer them a legitimate chance.

Paxton and Devi

Never Have I Ever

Devi finally Faces Her Grief

Perhaps the best thing Never Has I Ever has done is develop its lead character. In season 2 of Never Have I ever, Devi is as yet managing the melancholy and trauma of watching her dad die in front of her. While Devi attempted to stay away from her feeling of distress/grief by focusing on losing her virginity in season 1, the Netflix series’ sophomore season saw her inclining toward why she’s been acting out.

After hearing people call her insane, Devi started to wonder about whether she was just for her therapist to guarantee her that the intensity of grief and behavioral action that have harmed other people or comes off as too extreme or harmful. Even her temporary paralysis, something that was played for a laugh and went unexplained in season 1, at last, gets the attention and reasoning it deserves in Never Have I Ever season 2.

With the affirmation of her feelings and Devi finally addressing them head-on, it is conceivable that season 3 will see the teen in a superior spot sincerely and intellectually. With this understanding means, she will ideally have better relationships with her friends, family, and Paxton.

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