Who Does Maya End Up With In Disney’s ‘Girl Meets World’?

Who does Maya end up with

Who will Maya end up with?. If you also have been wondering the answer to this question, then we have got it covered for you. Riley, Maya, and Luca, the famous trio from the American comedy series ‘Girl meets World’ said goodbye to their fans. It is official now that the third season will mark the show’s end. Besides every other good thing that the show portrayed, the best was the trio’s love triangle. Throughout the seasons, we have seen Luca in dilemma over whom to choose. Concepts like this have always intrigued the fans, and in this yet another piece, we will tell you who the main leads will be ending up with. To be more specific, who will Maya end up with.

To cut the long story short, Maya Hart is a blonde girl who is 15 years old and is best friends with Riley Matthews. Maya only has her mother and grandmother to call a family and considers Shawn Hunter as her mentor. The blonde beauty falls head over heels in love with Luca, a boy who loves her best friend. Series of events take place, and Luca also starts developing feelings for her. Luca is really confused about his own feelings, and consequently, Maya realizes that it isn’t Luca she truly loves. So without wasting any more time, let’s get going to find out the name of Maya’s love interest.

Who does Maya end up with
Maya, Luca, and Riley

Is Luca the Endgame or will Maya end up alone?

If you have been following the storyline from the beginning, then you must be well aware of how much Maya loved Luca. He was her love at first sight when she first saw him on the subway. And just like any other typical teen romance narrative, the two had History together at school. Season 1 had very little or no reference at all about their future relationship, but the creators, through social media kept indicating that the story might turn out to be in favor of Maya and Luca. The writers, however did maintain that, and consequently, in Season 2, Luca finally confesses his feelings for Maya. So is that it? They start dating and spend their forever together? Well, not to forget the plot twists and the ability of the writers to surprise the hell out of us, they do not end up together.

Who does Maya end up with?

So now it is clear that Luca wasn’t the endgame but then who does Maya end up with?. If not Luca then is it Frakle? or could be possibly Josh?. You might be guessing so hard so let me end the speculations. In the finale of ‘Girl meets World’ Maya will end up with no one. However, Maya amidst a deep conversation with Josh, registers her feelings for him and opens up about them to Josh. After their heart-to-heart convo Josh’s opinion about Maya changes, and he admits that he reciprocates the same feelings. Josh and Maya initially didn’t get along very well, and on the grounds of their age gap Josh always considered Maya immature. The only thing that refrained Josh from being committed was the age gap. Josh agrees to play the long game and believes that someday they both can be together.

Who does Maya end up with
Maya and Josh

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Age gap! It was just two years; Damn it, Josh. Now that might have shattered your heart, but that wasn’t the only concept the finale had for us. Luca chose Riley over Maya to put a halt to his constant dilemma and hard to believe but also to our favorite love triangle. The last episode had many more wonderful moments to hold on to. The list goes as; strong friendships, humor, clips as well as the cast from Boy Meets World, Shawn legally adopting Maya, goodbyes to Riley, and last but not least, the promise of togetherness over distance among Riley and her friends. We will deeply miss the sweet friendship, crushing, stomach aching but heartwarming humor as the series is not going to be renewed for another season.

Girl meets World: End of an Era

Season 3 ended in January 2017, and the story of the finale seems like it could have been renewed. The fans were very thrilled when the news came that the makers were looking for a new home for season 4. Unfortunately, the makers confirmed that they could not find a new home for the show and so it has to end. It feels like our childhood journey that started with ‘Boy meets World’ has ended just like that. Both the shows have given fans some wonderful moments to cherish. It is indeed the end of an Era. And even though the show has ended, it will remain alive in the hearts of fans throughout the world.

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