Where Is Love On Harbor Island Filmed? All About The Locations

Love on Harbor Island Filmed
Love on Harbor Island

Lucie Guest’s direction and screenplay Love on Harbor Island was well received by the audiences after its release in August last year. Despite the great leads and chemistry, the one thing that threatened to steal the show was the film’s spectacular filming locations. We are no strangers to the fact that the locations where the films are shooted play a very important role in building the connection with the viewers. Be it depicting the thrilling scenes or the peaceful and heart-melting romantic scenes. Nevertheless, Hallmark’s production Love on Harbor Island flamed the curiosity of the fans with its spectacular backdrop.

The American romantic drama Love on Harbor Island is a story about an interior designer Lily Summers who has returned to help her aunt Maggie. Morgan Kohan played Lily while Brenda Matthew played Maggie. The other protagonist is Marcus, and on-screen is portrayed by Marcus Rosner. Besides the good dialogue delivery and exact placement, the film has a beautiful storyline and a wonderful setting. It is a lesser-known fact that the locations were mostly from Canada. If you also have been wondering about them, then you are at the right spot. The subsequent sections of this article will answer all your questions. Moreover, I will be discussing the storyline of Love on Harbor Island.

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Love On Harbor Island: Storyline

Love on Harbor Island Filmed
Lily Summers from Love on Harbor Island

The heartwarming romantic drama depicts the love story of a girl Lily. Lily is a Seattle-based interior designer who returns to her hometown in order to help her aunt. Maggie runs a bed and breakfast inn, and she needs help. Lily is a successful designer but still a small-town girl at heart. She returns, and there at the inn, she meets Marcus. He is a handsome seaplane pilot and lives at the inn. As the series of events take place, Lilly starts falling in love with Marcus. As we reach the conclusion, Lily finds herself in a situation where she has to sell the house and move back to her work. The second half is really predictable as we know that she won’t sell the house. And eventually accept that she loves Marcus.

Where was Love On Harbor Island Filmed?

Vancouver, British Columbia

One of the primary locations where Love on Harbor Island was mostly filmed is Vancouver. Also recognized as the “Hollywood North”, forestry remains Vancouver’s largest Industry, tourism being the second. As the fifth most thickly populated city of North America, it has turned out to be the home to many production studios. The cool surroundings and perfect balance of nature and city life adds to the location advantage. Love on Harbor Island is not the only Hallmark production to be filmed in the beautiful city. The list is long and includes the superhero film Deadpool. As well as the romantic fantasy Twilight, and last but not least, the ongoing popular web series Riverdale.

Sandpiper Golf Coast

Precisely most scenes have also been shooted at the Sandpiper Golf Coast located in Fraser Valley. The prettiest Golf Coast in the Harrison Mills boasts the dining table used by Queen Elizabeth and King George VI. The Sandpiper Resort Rowena’s Inn was previously known as Rowena’s Inn on the River. The origin of the Inn dates back to the 1880s. The charming resort basically features nine cabins in total, which are followed by a number of two or three-roomed bedrooms. Moreover, in addition to all that there is an inn, a restaurant, and a very pretty golf course.

Love on Harbor Island Filmed
Marcus Rosner tagged Maple Ridge British Columbia in one of his posts on Instagram.

Maple Ridge, British Columbia

While most of the filming has been done in the preceding locations, some have also been shot at Maple Ridge. By the dint of the global pandemic, the film Industry was closed. But now, dozens of productions are slated to shoot at the popular filming location Maple Ridge. Talking about the film, Golden Ears Cheesecrafters served as the filming location of the kitchen scene. In addition, the rescue shelter scenes of Marcu’s dogs were also shot there. It is a local farm and restaurant which is surrounded by the Raser River.

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