Who Is Nick Feldman? A Revisit To The Musician’s Winding Career

Who Is Nick Feldman
Nick Feldman

The Huge reverb snare drums, lots of delay on the vocals, electronic rhythms, and synthesizers. Well, if you recognize that style, then you know what 80’s classic music sounded like. The era that is mostly remembered for its costume-party cliches had much more to offer than what people may think. Contrary to how today’s generation of music listeners may regard the sound and styles from the 1980s, it still remains the most noteworthy and creative decades of classic music. There is no denying the fact that 80s music provided a golden era in rock and pop. The 1980s saw the emergence of new wave(genre) music and dance music. Talking about 80s music and not mentioning the wave band Wang Chung would be really unjust. Nick Feldman was one of the men behind the success of the new wave band.

You must have guessed the subject matter of this article by now. In this informative piece, we will revisit the memory lanes of the 1980s and will talk about the British Musician Nick Feldman. His name is enough for people like us who already reckon who he is. But for those who completely feel at sea, we have got you covered. Nick Feldman is one of those musicians who made it big within a limited time span. From the days of his graduation, Nick had a thing for music and knew what he wanted. He, along with Jack Hues and Darren Costin in the late 1970s, formed the band Wang Chung that gave him a bigger platform to showcase his exceptional talents. Nick Feldman seized the opportunity, and the rest is history.

Who is Nick Feldman?

Who Is Nick Feldman
Nick Feldman

Born and raised a Jewish in North London, England, Nick Feldman, besides forming the band Wang Chung he was also the half of the duo Promised Land in 1990. After the band Wang Chung broke up in the 1990s, Nick Feldman joined Promised Land. Signed by Pete Tong’s FFRR label, Promised land also featured the English Drummer Jon Moss of the new wave group Culture Club. During the initial stages of his career, Nick joined DJM Live Music agency and became a part of the English rock group Adam and the Ants. Besides all this, he was also a founding investor in Interactive Ideas Ltd as well as worked for Warner Brothers, Sony Music, and SonyBMG.

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The Wang Chung Era

The name Wang Chung might intrigue you, so let me tell you about the origins of this name. Primitively, in Chinese, the name means “yellow bell” and is the first note in Chinese classical scale music. 80’s sensation Wang Chung took the music industry by storm and enjoyed more success in North America. Initially, it was Feldman who thought of forming the band. Back then, when there were was no Internet and smartphones, it was really hard for people to connect with each other. The only way they could recruit people was through newspapers and magazine advertisements, and letters. Nick Feldman in order to recruit more musicians, placed a help advertisement in the weekly British music magazine Melody Maker. Nevertheless, the guitarist Hues answered his ads, and they both eventually form the core duo of Wang Chung.

Who Is Nick Feldman
The core duo of Wang Chung, Nick Feldman, and Jack Hues

Others that joined the band were the keyboardist Mike Smith, drummer Paul Hammond, and the bassist and songwriter Mike Berry. However, in less than a year, they split as Smith joined Chinn and Chapman, Paul Hammond joined Atomic Rooster while Mike Berry went solo as Michael Hamilton Berry. The remaining ones Nick and Hues, teamed up with Dareen Costlin, Leigh Gorman, Simon Campbell, and Glenn Gregory to form a new band, 57 Men, and then Huang Chung with new members.


Wang Chung was reformed in 1997, and in 2005 it appeared on Hit Me Baby One More Time on ABC in the U.S. They performed their hit single “Everyone Have Fun Tonight.” After Hues and Nick Feldman brought Wang Chung back into the spotlight, they released “Tazer Up!” their first full-length studio album in 23 years. Now, after almost 4 decades, Wang Chung is still rocking and rolling of course, as they tour across the globe. And if you look back, the man who actually made it possible for the band and never gave up is Nick Feldman. People like Nick are the inspiration for the young generation of budding new talent out there.

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