Ordinary Joe Release Date: All We Know About NBC’s Upcoming Series

Ordinary Joe Release Date
Ordinary Joe

Choosing a career is one of the most important as well as crucial decisions one makes in life. While some of us are already aware of what we want to do without giving it much thought, most of us are not. We are confused between our choices based on certain factors like family, passion, or love. But what if you get to live all the lives based on your choices and then get to decide what you want to become?. That sounds insane, right! Well, that is a plot similar to what NBC’s new drama series Ordinary Joe has in store for you. As the story follows the protagonist in three parallel timelines, the climax gets more intriguing. The exact release date of Ordinary Joe is already out, and this article will reveal it for you.

Originally the series was written as a pilot in 2006 by Matt Reeves for the network ABC. But somehow, it could not come together as a project. However, a decade later, NBC decided to revive it. Now following a nearly 15-year development process, the drama has been ordered to series at NBC. It was scheduled to release for the 2020  season, but after the covid outbreak, the series was pushed to the 2021 season. Directed by Adam Davidson, the first season is filmed in Los Angles, California, and most likely, all the episodes will be out by October 18, 2021. While Russel Friend and Garrett Lerner have penned down the script, Ordinary Joe is the third drama pilot to land a series order at NBC Universal. NBC has already drooped the trailer, and if you haven’t watched it yet, do watch it.

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Ordinary Joe Release Date

NBC’s upcoming television drama is all set to premiere on September 20, 2021. The first episode is titled “Way Leads on to Way” and will take up the Monday 10 pm slot on the Network. Besides that, most probably it will also be available to watch on NBC Universal’s new streaming service Peacock. There are three tiers to it, the first being the free tier and the others are the premium and ad-free premium tier. Premium subscription will cost you $4.99 a month. While the ad-free premium costs $5 a month, the free tier is free of cost. If you have to watch it on Peacock, then the release date might differ. Original Joe will be available to stream on Peacock one day after its original release, which is on September 23, 2021, at 8 pm.

What is Ordinary Joe About?

Ordinary Joe Release Date
Ordinary Joe (2021)

The narrative breaks into three parallel lives of the protagonist Joe after he makes a climactic choice at the tipping point in his life. Joe’s passion is music, and he aspires to become a big star one day. The series will explore his life as a police officer, following his father’s footsteps. Further as a music star following his own passion and lastly as a nurse after his marriage. The central idea that the plot poses is that life can be bizarrely different based on the choices we make at a certain point in our life. Moreover, the strong screenplay gets you into wondering how life would look like if an ordinary man chooses his profession based on love, loyalty, or passion.

Cast and other Updates

There is no arguing that the cast plays an important role in how the audience and critics will receive a show or film. Also, knowing the cast beforehand helps to connect with the on-screen characters in a better way. James Wolk will be seen in the lead as Joe Kimbreau. The ensemble cast includes Natalie Martinez as Amy, Charlie Barnett as Eric Payne, and Elizabeth Lail as Jenny Banks. Last month the creators announced some additions to the recurring cast as well. The “Never have I Ever” actor Rushi Kota along with Jason Burkey and Gabrielle Byndloss, will be joining the cast of Ordinary Joe in recurring capacities. While Burkey will portray Dareen, a married man with twin 5-year-old girls; Byndloss will play Mallory, the co-owner of the artisanal Pizza restaurant. Kota will be seen as the adorable neurotic Chief of Staff helping to run a governmental campaign.

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