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Moon Knight Episode 5 Release Date And Where To Watch?

Moon Knight Episode 5 has the daunting task of making sense of what transpired in the last episode titled ‘The Tomb.’ The series is garnering a lot of traction and getting positive reviews in a landslide by viewers and fans alike. Episode 4 sees us rushing through mazes, a love interest, a goat, face-offs, a mental facility, and one friendly hippo.

As Layla and Steven grow closer to Ammit’s tomb, they find themselves locked in each other’s gaze, a budding love interest. They can scour through the maze and find Ammit’s shabti but are intercepted by Harrow and his men. Marc is shot dead, at least seemingly, by Harrow, and we see them teleported to what seems to be a Mental Asylum of some sort. Many bizarre things happen within the mental facility, and they meet a Hippo. Before jumping into Moon Knight Episode 5, let’s catch up on the previous episode.

Moon Knight Episode 4 Recap

Moon Knight Episode 4 ‘The Tomb’ starts with Khonshu’s ushabti placed among other imprisoned Gods. Layla and Steven get closer to Ammit’s tomb and each other as well as we see them kissing each other before continuing their search. They find themselves in the middle of a maze, which Steven can figure out conveniently. In the labyrinth, they face a mummified priest who’s adamant about extracting their organs. Harrow tells Layla that Marc has something to do with her Dad’s death. Layla confronts Marc about her Dad’s end after receiving information from Harrow. Harrow shoots Marc, and the scene then cuts to a Mental facility. Here, Marc recognizes most people as we’ve seen them until episode 3. The head of the facility is none other than Arthur Harrow.

Arthur informs Marc that they live in a psychic world, not a physical one. Also, while in the facility, Marc and Steven meet each other for the first time as different physical entities. Towards the show’s end, they are face to face with a cheerful Hippo who seems happy to see them. Moon Knight Episode 5 has many things to cover, and fans couldn’t be more excited.


Moon Knight Episode 5

Moon Knight Episode 5 Release Date

With no official title or synopsis, Moon Knight Episode 5 will release on the 27th of April 2022 at 3 AM ET. This will be the second last episode for the franchise as they try to cement the origins of Moon Knight. The show will be available to watch at different times for viewers due to geographical differences. Episode 5 will be available at 12:30 pm, 12 am PT, 3 am ET, and 7 am GMT.

Where to Watch Moon Knight Episode 5?

Moon Knight Episode 5 will be available for the viewers to watch on Disney+ on the 27th of April at 12:30 PM IST. The show is available exclusively for the viewers on Disney+ as the company holds broadcasting rights. Each episode consists of 40-50 minutes of great cinematic experience for the viewers across the globe.

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What to Expect From Moon Knight Episode 5 and possible spoilers?

The last episode of the Moon Knight franchise titled ‘The Tomb’ set the theme and buildup quite immaculately for the remaining last episodes. We can see multiple possible endings to what transpired in the previous episode. Moon Knight Episode 5 has a tall task ahead of its release. Marc and Steven are teleported into an asylum at the end of the episode. It does the job well of making the viewers question which reality is objective, the one where Marc got shot, the one they’re in now, i.e., the Mental Asylum, or is it a different case altogether. Moon Knight’s powers come from Khonshu, who we all saw getting banished. It also begs whether Marc or Steven will survive this ordeal as the healing power comes from Khonshu. There’s also the mystery of the death of Layla’s father, which is left half explored in the previous outing.

Moon Knight Episode 5

There’s also the unexplained sequence where Marc/Steven find themselves in front of some unexplained deaths in episode 3. The Hippo appearing at the show’s end is Taweret, who’s an Egyptian deity of fertility and childbirth. She can turn out to be vital in helping Steven/Marc get out or make sense of what’s happening in Moon Knight Episode 5.

That’s all about Moon Kight Episode 5. For more, stay tuned at Artistree


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