FlightReacts Girlfriend: A Seek Peak Into The YouTuber’s Dating History

FlightReacts Girlfriend

We are back with another dating piece, and this one will focus on the girlfriend of the popular social media personality FlightReacts. The Youtuber is no stranger to controversies when it comes to his personal life. Now and then, he makes it to the headlines for the same. His rather controversial relationship with fellow youtube Drea stirred the internet. Moreover, he is a father to a baby girl born earlier this year. His real name is Kimani Tariq Kamiru-White, and is an American YouTuber and musician. Flight is best known for his reaction videos which mostly cover NBA games, FlightReacts lives in California. He rose to fame with the release of his NBA 2k13 footage on his YouTube channel.

With his two YouTube channels, he has amassed over 7 million followers. The 26-year-old holds an estimated net worth of $253K, most of which directly stemmed from his online content on YouTube. In the initial stages of his career, Flight used to work in the fast-food business. Having been raised up in very difficult financial circumstances, he chose to leave behind his miserable life. Now as of 2021, he is sponsored by EA Sports and has a strong social media presence. Besides reaction videos, he is also creating music. One of his most popular tracks is “Disingenuous” which has gained more than 8.1 million views on his channel.

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Who has FlightReacts Dated?

FlightReacts Girlfriend
FlightReacts with Janet

Besides his professional life, the other thing that has always been in the limelight is the dating life of FlightReacts. As of 2021, Fight is in a cordial relationship with Janet, and they both are parents to a baby girl June. The couple welcomed the child in March this year, and Flight made the announcement on his YouTube channel. Flight and Janet are not married, and they do not plan on tying knots in the future as well. They had never been in a romantic relationship, and even during the initial months of Janet’s pregnancy, they denied being an official couple.

Despite that, now they are connected through the baby and will be spending a lot of time together raising her. It might be possible that parenting inspires a long-term relationship between them. Flight’s relationship with Janet after the news of the baby has not been very pleasant. After the news, they both decided to make their relationship work for the sake of their child’s better future.

In October last year, Flight in his video titled “The Sad Truth” revealed that Janet was determined to frustrate his efforts of making the relationship work. However, they gave up on this thought after Flight accused Janet of cheating on him while being 5 months pregnant. They have decided to move on in their lives. And despite how things went they are committed to co-parenting their child. Flight said that he is going to support Janet and make sure that his daughter has an amazing blessed life.

FlightReacts and his ex-girlfriend Drea

FlightReacts Girlfriend
FlightReacts ex-girlfriend Andrea

This section will talk about Drea and the messy split of the couple. FlightReacts blew up the internet when he introduced his then-girlfriend Andrea ‘Dreyahh’ Gonzalez to his fans through Instagram. Flight likes to call her Drea, and she is also a content creator like him. Fans were quick to react, and from their reaction, it became evident that they were not in a mood to accept Drea as the girlfriend of FlightReacts. They went on slamming Drea for being a gold digger and accused her of manipulating him.

Soon after the baby announcement in March last year, he had to confirm his split with Drea. Their relationship took an ugly turn during one of his live streams. While he was working on a reaction video to rapper DDG’s new single, Drea insisted on talking with him. But after his refusal, she warned him to stop embarrassing her consequently switching the stream off. They parted ways shortly after that incident. FlightReacts in one of his videos explaining the reason, and it turned out to be Drea’s manipulative, psycho, and controlling behavior. From what one could conclude from his video is that it was Drea’s insecurities that led to the downfall of the relationship. Since then, FlightReacts has been single and is currently not dating anyone.

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