Goodison goes wild: Patrick Vieira appeared to kick a fan

Everton fans got into an alteration with Crystal Palace boss Patrick Viera

Everton took on Crystal Palace in the Premier League last night. The fixture at Goodison Park was a crucial one for the home side. They are fighting to stay in the league. Everton boss Frank Lampard needed the three points. And his men went out and secured a comeback win. The 3-2 victory sparked wild scenes at Goodison. A pitch invasion took place after the match ended. And Palace boss Patrick Viera appeared to kick a fan. A clip of the incident has gone viral on social media. This has sparked a debate about the 45-year-old. At the post-match press meet, there were questions thrown at him. He replied that he had nothing to say about it. However, he praised the referee for his management.

Notably, pitch invasions seem to have become a trend of late. The latest match between Nottingham Forrest and Sheffield United is one such. Moreover, that incident also led to an injury and a prison sentence. Port Vale fans also ran onto the pitch after a match against Swindon Town.

Patrick Viera Appeared To Kick A fan: What happened in Goodison?

Everton fans ran onto the pitch after their match against Palace.

The video clip in which Viera appears to kick a fan is viral. There are no doubts of his presence in it. However, we’ll be giving you all the details of the incident.

The Toffees crowd is known for their passion. But, it crossed the line on Thursday. You need to walk across the pitch to get into the dressing room. However, thousands of fans got onto the pitch. Viera was making his way through the crowd of ecstatic supporters. An Everton fan emerged from there and verbally instigated Viera. The fan seemingly crossed the line of tolerance. Eventually, Viera reacted, and he seemed to kick a fan. Subsequently, match officials and other fans gathered on that spot. Viera then walked away.

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How did Frank Lampard react?

Patrick Viera and Frank Lampard.

Lampard was aware of the footage in which Viera appeared to kick a fan. His comments had a tone of sympathy for Viera. Besides, he also understands why the fans came into the pitch. Moreover, he was also visibly pleased with the result.