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Shanghai International Film Festival Cancelled: SIFF Updates!

The Shanghai International Film Festival.

The Shanghai International Film Festival will stand canceled. The news comes from the official organizing body of the event. It marks the first time that such a move has taken place. China went ahead with the festival even during the 2020 pandemic break. However, this year the show is called off. Notably, the makers say that the fest will take place next year. The SIFF is the biggest film festival in China. Understandably, this latest news will come as a big blow for the artists involved. 

Also, it’ll see the earnings from the show take a back seat. Besides, the cinema lovers also expressed their disappointment at the news. Notably, China has been under lockdown for a long time now. The country is going through a policy of no tolerance against COVID. Although, things are getting much better of late. However, large public gatherings remain a risky affair.


Shanghai will be under lockdown in 2022.

The city of Shanghai is the largest one in the country. It is the hub of a lot of sectors in the nation. With a population of 26 million, the restrictions imposed led to the bold decision to cancel the show.

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All the latest as the Shanghai Film Festival stands canceled!

The Shanghai Film Festival officially stands canceled for the foreseeable future. It is the biggest show on the film calendar in China. This year was supposed to be the 25th edition of the event. Also, the festival was due to run from the 10th to the 9th of June. 


Jackie Chan at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

Notably, it saw a lot of changes in date due to the ongoing pandemic. However, the final decision stands at calling off this year’s event. 

Also, the makers have said that there remains a possibility of postponing the show to later this year. That remains subject to an improvement in the current situation of the virus. Notably, the SIFF was held in a hybrid manner the last time when the pandemic hit in 2020. From July 1st of this year, there has been ease of restrictions from the government. However, cinema halls remain shut till further notice. It remains to be seen what holds next for the SIFF.

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