Kate Mara and Jamie Bell

Kate Mara Is Pregnant, Expecting Second Child With Jamie Bell

Kate Mara is pregnant! The actor couple, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell are expecting their second child. In an Instagram post, Kate Mara, the actress of the famous Netflix political drama “House of Card,” revealed that she is expecting another child with her partner Jamie Bell. In the photograph, Jamie Bell is holding the hand of Kate Mara as she’s wearing a short pink dress with silver Ornaments on the top while Jamie Bell wears the classic black suit.

Through the caption “There’s Three of Us in This Pic”, Mara subtly pointed out that she’s pregnant. Everyone is thrilled to know the news.  In the comment section of her post, the Couple’s famous friends Andrew Rannell wrote, “congratulations! “and MJ Rodriguez wrote, “OMG, Congratulations, cutie.”

Kate Mara And Jamie Bell Already Have A Daughter Together!

Jamie Bell is an actor and dancer. He is known for his debut role in Billy Elliot, for which he received the BAFTA Award for the Best Actor in the leading role. The King Kong actor also had a son with his ex-wife Evan Rachel Wood. Kate Mara and Jamie Bell already have one daughter previously, but for the sake of privacy, the couple hasn’t revealed her name. During their daughter’s arrival in 2019, the actress Kate Mara shared a picture of her daughter’s feet in her Instagram post. She captioned, “We had a baby a couple of weeks ago…Here are her feet.”

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Kate Mara Revealed That She Suffered A Miscarriage Before Getting Pregnant…

In Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy Podcast, Kate Mara revealed that she suffered a miscarriage before getting pregnant with her first child. She revealed that she had a blighted ovum, a type of early miscarriage that mainly happens when a fertilized egg implants into the uterus but does not develop into an embryo.

When Kate Mara got pregnant again with her daughter, she was happy, and she said, “It was weird, this bitter or sweet sort of … I was so excited, but also sad that we weren’t as excited as we were the first time, because that was clear that it was a very different dynamic.”

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