Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss Cause Of Death Revealed, Ellen’s Favorite DJ Passes Away At 40

PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 09: NBCUNIVERSAL EVENTS -- NBCUniversal Portrait Studio, January 2018 -- Pictured: Stephen 'tWitch' Boss -- (Photo by Maarten de Boer/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

Stephen’ tWitch’ is dead!!! Yesterday was a tragic day for the fans of the iconic show- The Ellen DeGeneres Show as former DJ Stephen passed away on December 14 (Tuesday). He was just 40. Fans quickly rushed to social media to know the details about his death.

We will be revealing Stephen’ tWitch’ Boss’ cause of death. The tragic news was shared with the public by Boss’ wife,  Allison Boss, a popular dancer. She issued a statement on her husband’s death. She mentioned that Stephen was someone who would always support her in every situation. He would be the light in any dark situation.

For him, family and friends were above anything else, and he spent his whole life rendering love and compassion to all the people around him. It is surely a tough time for Allison. Losing the backbone of your family can be heart-wrenching.

Fans are pouring tributes and sending love to Allison to help her cope with Stephen’s death. The Los Angeles Medical Officer has issued the medical examination report of Stephen, which reveals the shocking truth behind his death.

Stephen Laurel Boss starred in MTV’s The Wade Robson Project, which helped him gain fame and publicity. In 2008 he participated in  So You Think You Can Dance. His performances would always win the hearts of both judges as well as the public. Consequently, he managed to grab the runner-up spot.

But the turning point of his career was when he joined The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Initially, he was roped in as a guest DJ. He started his journey on the show in 2014 and remained dedicated to his work. After 6 years of hard work, he was named the co-executive producer and was associated with the show till it ended in 2022. So Boss was part of The Ellen DeGeneres Show for 9 years.

Ellen has stated that she is heartbroken due to the tragic death of  Stephen Boss. She tweeted a photo of a heartwarming hug between both and wrote that tWitch was all love and light. She always considers tWitch to be a part of her family. Ellen ended her note by sending love to Boss’s wife, Allison, and his kids- Weslie, Maddox, and Zai.

Ellen DeGeneres

The most tragic part of his death is the fact that just three days before he committed suicide, Allison and tWitch had celebrated their wedding anniversary. The couple who tied the knot in 2013 were celebrating 9 years of their marriage. tWitch didn’t look depressed at all in the Instagram stories shared by Allison.

He even posted a picture of him and Allison and congratulated her on their 9th anniversary. Perhaps he was hiding his pain behind fake smiles and happiness. Allison had posted on her Instagram that marrying Boss was the best decision she had ever made. She couldn’t be more thankful. But little did she know, her love would leave her forever just days later.

Stephen’ tWitch’ Boss Cause Of Death Revealed

Fans have been left curious and desire to know what exactly led to Stephen “tWitch” Boss’ death. How did the events unfold? Was there any foul play? We put a rest to all these rumors and conspiracy theories as we reveal the truth behind the fateful night that took away Stephen’ tWitch’ Boss.

tWitch died due to suicide by a gunshot wound. He pulled the trigger on his head and took his life. The medical officers have made it clear that there is no foul play in tWitch’s death. The case has also been closed as of now since the investigators didn’t find any clue that would hint towards some foul play. The suicide note hasn’t been found yet, but it is probably in the suitcase that Stephen brought with him.

Stephen’ tWitch’ Boss Was Found Dead On Scene

Basically, Allison, tWitch’s wife, rushed to the police on December 13, 2022. She was too distressed as her husband left the house without taking his car. This was unusual as he would always take his car whenever he would go out. Before the police could start looking into the deep details, they received a call for a medical emergency.

The authorities rushed to the place of the medical emergency and discovered tWitch’s dead body. He was lying dead in the washroom of Oak Tree Inn located in California. The dead body was taken for autopsy. Since the place was quite near to tWitch’s residence, this perhaps explained why he didn’t take his car. The officers checked for a pulse and, a few seconds later, pronounced him dead. His autopsy confirmed the same.

Stephen’ tWitch’ Boss Net Worth 

Stephen has a net worth of  $5 million. Being part of a show which was so popular and iconic,  Stephen was entitled to a salary of $1 million. He also starred in a few movies, including the Step-Up franchise, and a few other sitcoms like Modern Family and Young & Hungry. So he managed to earn millions due to his hard work. May his soul rest in peace, and his wife, Allison, be able to cope with this tragedy.