Aaron Carter

How Did Singer Aaron Carter Die? Explained

Aaron Charles Carter, who died on November 5, 2022, was a singer, songwriter, rapper, and actor. He was born in 1987, on December 7, to Jane Elizabeth and Robert Gene Carter. When he started his career, he was very young. Unlike other children at the age of 9 who just want to play, Aaron set his foot in the music industry by singing The Jets’ “Crush on You” for the famous Backstreet Boys.

Aaron Carter’s album, Aaron Carter, was a huge hit, and it earned gold status in many countries, such as Norway, Spain, Denmark, Canada, and Germany. Three years following the release of his first album, he released his second album, Aaron’s Party (Come Get It), on September 26, 2000.

This album of his was also a milestone in his career, and its copy sold over three million in the U.S. His second album also got certification by RIAA. I Want Candy Aaron’s Party (Come Get It), and That’s How I Beat Shaq are some of the songs on his album. He even sang with Backstreet Boys in many concepts and with Britney Spears on her third tour. Oops!… I Did It Again Tour.

Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter

Even though he was flourishing in his career but the same can’t be said for his personal and health life. He had a weak immune system and was malnourished. He was put on medicated drugs to improve his health, but in 2019 in one of his appearances on The Doctor, a talk show which gives medical advice, he told the viewers that he’s suffering from schizophrenia as well as bipolar disorder.

Both of them are mental problems. The same year he protected his ex-girlfriend, Lina Valentina, by putting her under a restraining order. After this incident, he was caught up in controversy through a social media application, Twitter.

Jonas Jödicke alleged that Carter had used his artwork without his permission. In response to this, Carter replied that he should’ve taken it as a compliment. Carter, on November 5, 2022, was found dead. Let’s see the reason behind his death.

How Did Aaron Carter Die?

Aaron Carter was a known name in the industry. Besides being known for his music, he was also known for his mental health and his addiction. Aaron Carter was a drug addict and has been to jail because of his addiction. Forces found marijuana drug in his car when he was pulled over for speeding and was arrested for the same in 2008 on February 21.

Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter

On August 5, 2017, he revealed his sexual orientation to the world. Through his Twitter handle, he came out as bisexual.

Five years later, on November 5, 2022, he was found dead in his California home. He was found dead at the age of 34 in Lancaster, California, by a housekeeper who found his body in a bathtub. After all the rites were done, his body was cremated 4 days later after his death. All rites except disposing of his ashes which are still under the protection of his twin sister, Angel. His mother, Jane, was the first person who was notified of his death.

Reason Behind Aaron Carter’s Death

Aaron Carter was found dead on November 5, 2022, by his housekeeper in his California home’s bathtub, who, according to Aaron’s death certificate, notified his mother first. The reason behind his death is still not revealed.

Even though an autopsy was done, it was deferred, and now waiting for the toxicology report. This report will tell the folks amount of drugs he had in his system at the time of his death. The reason is pretty obvious for this test being conducted.

Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter

Aaron’s family believed that the singer died because of a drug overdose. His ex-fiance, Melanie Martin, said that she had read a conversation of his with one of his drug dealers. In that convo, that person was asking $800 for an unknown substance that Aaron owed to him.

Even though Aaron said that he didn’t want them now, that person said that he still had to pay that amount, to which Aaron asked if he was being threatened. Eventually, Aaron did meet that guy and might have taken those drugs too.

The reason behind his death is still not confirmed, and the toxicology report is still under process. The report could either close his case, or it could give it a new direction.

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