Author Claims Melania Trump ‘Trawls the Internet for Coverage’ of Herself

Credits: NPR

Melania Trump broke with tradition as first lady because she didn’t have a strong desire to be in the White House, according to Katie Rogers, author of the book “American Woman,” which explores the role of recent first ladies from Hillary Clinton to Melania Trump.

Rogers shared insights from her conversations with Stephanie Grisham, a former aide to Melania Trump and White House press secretary, who revealed Melania’s perspective on the role.

“She would tell us all the time, this is our office, we do our own thing,” Grisham said. “We might have pushed it a little too far, but we did establish that this role is completely voluntary.”

Melania Trump (Credits: The List)

Rogers noted that, unlike other first ladies, Melania Trump didn’t actively seek out the role and was less comfortable with the intense scrutiny that came with it.

Melania enjoyed aspects of being first lady, such as traveling and representing the role, but was less fond of the media attention and criticism she received.

Melania has been known to closely follow media coverage of herself and her husband closely, influencing her perception of the role.

Melania Trump’s approach to the role of first lady was unconventional compared to her predecessors, as she approached it with a more reserved and independent attitude, focusing on what she wanted to do rather than adhering to traditional expectations.

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