Northern Border Incident: Agents Arrest Group of Chinese Nationals Attempting to Enter Maine from Canada

Credits: Fox News

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently spoke about the threats posed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), new U.S. sanctions against Russia, and President Biden’s push for a cease-fire in Israel.

Regarding the CCP, Pompeo highlighted the party’s aggressive actions, including human rights abuses, intellectual property theft, and military aggression in the South China Sea. He emphasized the need for the United States to confront these challenges and protect American interests.

Pompeo also commented on the new U.S. sanctions against Russia, expressing support for the measures. He emphasized the importance of holding Russia accountable for its destabilizing activities, including its invasion of Ukraine and support for authoritarian regimes.

Northern border Protection

Regarding President Biden’s push for a cease-fire in Israel, Pompeo expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of such efforts. He emphasized the need for Israel to defend itself against terrorist attacks and criticized the Biden administration’s approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In other news, immigration agents stationed along the United States’ northern border recently arrested a group of Chinese nationals trying to sneak into Maine from Canada.

The arrests came after border patrol agents noticed suspicious activity along the border. Three Chinese nationals were arrested for attempting to illegally enter the United States, while a fourth Chinese national suspected of assisting in the smuggling operation was also apprehended.

Additionally, a driver from New York, also a Chinese national, was arrested for suspected involvement in the illegal entry attempt.

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