Restrictions on New Bars and Clubs in Bristol Will Remain in Place

Credits: South Wales Argus

Bristol city center will continue to enforce restrictions preventing new pubs, nightclubs, and takeaways from opening in certain areas. This policy covers a zone extending from the harborside to Stokes Croft and from the Clifton Triangle to the edge of Broadmead.

While council officers recommended scrapping these rules, concerns raised by police and residents about potential increases in crime and disorder led to the decision to maintain the restrictions.

The restrictions fall under the technical term of a cumulative impact area (CIA), which imposes additional rules due to high levels of litter, crime, anti-social behavior, and public urination.

Bars and Clubs in Bristol (Credits: South Wales Argus)

New licensing applications within this area are presumed to be refused unless applicants can demonstrate that their establishment will not exacerbate the impact of existing venues operating after 23:00. During a recent meeting, the licensing committee voted to keep the policy in place, with seven votes in favor and four against.

Green Party councilor Guy Poultney expressed concern about some venues encouraging excessive drinking and then “booting out” customers, becoming another area’s problem. Labour councilor Chris Jackson objected to the restrictions and proposed a review in a year’s time.

Local residents, such as Janet Wilson from Queen Square, have reported ongoing issues with late-night disturbances and expressed relief that the CIA policy will remain, providing some monitoring and balance.

While the policy does not constitute a blanket ban on new venues, it aims to control the impact of additional establishments within the designated area.

The decision to retain these restrictions will be reviewed every three years, allowing for adjustments based on changing circumstances and feedback from the community.

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