Givan Emphasizes the Importance of Resolving the Ongoing Industrial Action in Schools

Credits: Al Arabiya

Education Minister Paul Givan emphasized the urgency of resolving ongoing industrial action in schools during his address at the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation (INTO) Northern Conference.

He highlighted that the continued industrial action was significantly affecting the education of children and young people across Northern Ireland.

The industrial action by teachers, which includes strikes over an outstanding pay award and long-running action short of strikes over conditions, has disrupted the education system.

Givan (Credits: ITVX)

Minister Givan acknowledged the impact on teachers, stating that it is unacceptable that they have not received a pay award for three years. He emphasized the need for teachers and school leaders to be paid at a level that recognizes the outstanding job they do.

While teaching unions had previously announced “on hold” strike dates pending fresh talks, Minister Givan reiterated his commitment to resolving the issue.

He mentioned meeting with the five recognized teaching trade unions and expressed hope that negotiations would lead to an end to all industrial action and provide teachers with a deserved pay award.

Regarding wider investment in education, Minister Givan emphasized the need for adequate and recurrent investment, particularly in regard to pay awards, to address the significant challenges facing education.

He emphasized the importance of reshaping the education system to deliver a system that meets the ambitions for a prosperous and dynamic Northern Ireland.

In response to the minister’s comments, teaching unions have expressed frustration, disappointment, and anger over the lack of recognition of teachers’ dedication and hard work.

They have emphasized the need for a meaningful uplift in take-home pay to properly value teachers and address the challenges facing the education system.

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