Habba Theorizes Biden Is Plotting to Inundate the Country with “Illegals” to Secure Votes

Credits: San Diego Union-Tribune

Alina Habba‘s comments on Newsmax TV reflect a deeply divisive and conspiratorial view of American politics, particularly regarding the 2020 presidential election and immigration.

Her assertion that Joe Biden is planning to flood the country with 10 million undocumented immigrants in order to secure their votes is not supported by any evidence and is widely regarded as a baseless conspiracy theory.

Claims of widespread voter fraud, including the idea that non-citizens are voting in U.S. elections, have been thoroughly investigated and debunked.

Biden (Credits: Yahoo News)

Multiple studies and investigations have found that voter fraud is extremely rare in the United States, with one study by the Brennan Center for Justice estimating the rate of voter fraud at between 0.0003% and 0.0025%.

Furthermore, the idea that Joe Biden is incapable of winning the election “fair and square” due to his health or other reasons is a subjective opinion and not grounded in fact.

Joe Biden won the 2020 election through a legitimate and democratic process, receiving a record-breaking number of votes and securing victories in key swing states.

It is important to approach claims such as those made by Alina Habba with skepticism and to seek out reliable sources of information when evaluating political news and commentary. Spreading unfounded conspiracy theories can contribute to division and misinformation in society.

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