Netanyahu’s Rival Benny Gantz to Hold Meetings with US Leaders

Credits: Axios

Israeli war cabinet member Benny Gantz is set to meet with senior Biden administration officials during his visit to the United States, starting on Monday.

The anticipated meetings have reportedly angered Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and indicate a deepening divide within Tel Aviv as the conflict in Gaza stretches into its fifth month.

Gantz, a centrist political figure and a rival of Netanyahu, is scheduled to sit down with several key officials from the Biden administration, including Vice President Kamala Harris, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan.

The timing of these meetings, amid ongoing tensions in the region, underscores the complexities and disagreements within Israel’s leadership regarding the handling of the conflict.

Netanyahu’s Rival, Benny Gantz (Credits: Philadelphia Inquirer)

Netanyahu’s far-right Likud Party has expressed disapproval of Gantz’s meetings in Washington, with some party members suggesting that Gantz did not have the prime minister’s approval for the trip.

This disagreement highlights the widening crack within Israel’s wartime leadership and underscores the challenges facing the country’s political landscape.

As the conflict in Gaza continues, with no immediate resolution in sight, Gantz’s discussions with Biden administration officials are expected to focus on efforts to achieve a temporary ceasefire and address humanitarian concerns in the region.

The meetings also come amid ongoing efforts by the United States to provide aid and support to Gaza, including recent airdrops of essential supplies.

Overall, Gantz’s visit to the United States and his meetings with top officials reflect the complex dynamics within Israeli politics and the challenges facing the country as it navigates the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

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