Jason Galanis, Associated with Hunter Biden, Testifies About ‘Biden Lift’

Credits: The Hill

Jason Galanis, a former associate of Hunter Biden who is currently serving a 14-year prison sentence for defrauding a Native American tribe, told Republican impeachment investigators that he did business with Hunter Biden because of the ‘Biden lift.’

This term referred to the belief that Hunter’s association with his father, Joe Biden, could provide them with access and credibility, helping them close deals that could make them billions.

Galanis explained that the ‘Biden lift’ meant access to political power, both domestically and internationally. He believed that having Hunter Biden on their team could persuade third parties to do business with them, especially in acquiring other businesses.

Hunter Biden (Credits: Fox News)

He also mentioned that foreign investors viewed access to political power in the United States as a valuable asset. In a domestic context, the ‘Biden lift’ was seen as a way to close deals with businesses in sectors where Joe Biden had strong relationships, such as union pension funds.

Galanis claimed that Hunter’s involvement lent credibility to their ventures and demonstrated access to the halls of power, particularly in industries where Joe Biden had political influence.

Galanis and Hunter’s former associate, Devon Archer, were both convicted of fraud for diverting funds from economic development bonds issued by a Native American tribe for personal use.

Despite his involvement in business deals with Galanis and Archer in the insurance and finance industries from 2012 to 2015, Hunter Biden was never indicted in connection with this scheme.

Galanis is part of a notorious crime family in New York, and his father, John Galanis, was also involved in criminal activities. John Galanis is currently incarcerated for his role in his son’s scheme.

The ‘Biden lift’ revelations provide insight into the perceived benefits of associating with Hunter Biden due to his family connections. However, it’s essential to note that these claims come from a convicted fraudster and may not reflect the full picture of Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

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