Treasury Economic Secretary Blames Labour for George Galloway’s Return to Parliament

Credits: Sky News

George Galloway’s return to Parliament is attributed to the Labour Party’s missteps by Economic Secretary to the Treasury Bim Afolami.

Afolami criticized Labour for selecting a candidate with controversial views in a safe Labour constituency, highlighting Keir Starmer’s delayed response in addressing these issues as contributing factors to Galloway’s return.

Afolami’s comments came during a discussion on GB News, where he also announced a £360 million investment in cutting-edge manufacturing projects.

Members of the Parliament (Credits:

This investment, he explained, would focus on areas like zero-carbon flights, life-saving drugs, and electric vehicles, showcasing a partnership between the government and industry to drive growth and innovation in British manufacturing.

Regarding tax cuts, Afolami emphasized the government’s commitment to a lower-tax economy, citing the potential for faster economic growth and increased money in people’s pockets.

He highlighted the National Insurance cut for average earners implemented in January as an example of this approach, indicating a continued focus on tax cuts over time while maintaining a balanced and prudent fiscal strategy.

Afolami’s remarks underscore the government’s economic priorities, including supporting innovation in manufacturing, fostering economic growth through tax cuts, and addressing challenges within the Labour Party that have contributed to political outcomes like Galloway’s return to Parliament.

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