Galloway Criticizes ‘Double-Dealing’ Starmer as MP Threatens to Oust Angela Rayner

Credits: Evening Standard

The newly elected MP for Rochdale, George Galloway, has made bold statements, claiming significant support for his views in Labour Deputy Leader Angela Rayner’s constituency and threatening to stand a candidate against her in the next election.

Galloway asserted that there are 15,000 people in Rayner’s constituency who support his viewpoint, highlighting her slim majority of just 4,000.

He announced his intention to contest several constituencies, including Bethnal Green, Birmingham, the West Midlands, and towns around Rochdale, Oldham, Blackburn, Burnley, Nelson, and Bury.

Angela Rayner (Credits: New Statesman)

Galloway stated that candidates from the Workers’ Party or independents sharing his views would stand in these areas to either win or ensure Keir Starmer’s defeat.

Accusing Starmer of “double dealing” in his interactions with Speaker Lindsay Hoyle before a vote on a Gaza ceasefire, Galloway expressed sympathy for the Speaker, whom he believes was placed in an “impossible position” by Labour’s leadership.

Galloway also issued a warning about the state of the world, describing it as being at a “very dangerous crossroads,” comparable to some of the most perilous times in history. He lamented the lack of leadership akin to Mr. Churchill, who could rally and unite people in times of crisis.

Having been sworn in as an MP following his by-election victory in Rochdale, Galloway has signaled his intention to challenge the Labour Party and its leadership, setting the stage for what could be a contentious period in British politics.