Criticism Mounts Over Biden’s Handling of Gaza Crisis, Citing Ongoing Palestinian Suffering

Credits: Axios

A former Department of State official has criticized US President Joe Biden’s decision to authorize military airdrops of emergency supplies into Gaza as ‘an admission of failure’.

The official suggested that Biden’s failure to leverage his relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to ensure Israel’s compliance with international law has led to the need for such drastic measures.

The decision to resort to airdrops in Gaza, a territory controlled by one of the US’s closest allies, highlights the extent of Netanyahu’s defiance and the disconnect between the two leaders.

Biden (Credits: Newsweek)

Airdrops are typically seen as a last resort measure used to reach territories that are inaccessible due to hostile regimes or terrorist groups. They are expensive, inefficient, and lack the oversight or infrastructure to ensure aid reaches those most need.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby’s comments during a briefing on Friday evening suggested that Biden’s strategy of keeping Netanyahu close had failed.

Kirby acknowledged that ‘not enough aid is getting into people that need it’ and that the US is trying to ‘behave and change and be more creative’ to meet the desperate needs of the people of Gaza.

The criticism suggests that Biden’s approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has not been effective in addressing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

It highlights the challenges of dealing with a close ally like Israel while also trying to ensure compliance with international law and humanitarian principles.

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