White House: Biden to Express Support for Ukraine in His Speech

Credits: Cato Institute

In an upcoming speech to the American people and Congress, U.S. President Joe Biden will address the ongoing support for Ukraine in its resistance against Russian military aggression.

John Kirby, the Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the White House National Security Council, highlighted this focus on Ukraine, noting that Biden will also discuss his achievements during his presidency, ranging from the economy to education, health care, and jobs.

Biden Support for Ukraine (Credits: U.S. Embassy in Ukraine)

Kirby emphasized the importance of renewing American leadership on the world stage, stating that such leadership enables the U.S. to unite in response to challenges and opportunities while influencing the decisions and actions of other leaders, especially adversaries, in a way that benefits national security interests.

Regarding Ukraine, Kirby stressed the significance of supporting Ukrainian soldiers in their fight against Russian aggression. He noted that while this support is crucial for Ukraine’s security, it also benefits U.S. national security, as allowing Russia to conquer Ukraine would bring Russian forces closer to NATO’s doorstep, changing the security landscape in Europe.

Kirby’s comments indicate that Biden’s upcoming speech will underscore the administration’s commitment to supporting Ukraine and maintaining American leadership on global issues, emphasizing the importance of these efforts for national security and stability in Europe.

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