Labour Party Receives Record High in Private Donations Last Year

Credits: The National

In 2023, the Labour Party received its highest-ever yearly amount in private donations, a significant boost to Sir Keir Starmer’s election war chest. While the party continued to receive funding from trade unions, the main increase came from individuals and companies, who collectively donated over £13 million.

The largest single donation of £3 million came from Lord David Sainsbury, a long-standing Labour supporter who was a major donor during the party’s time in power under Tony Blair. Another significant contributor was former Autoglass boss Gary Lubner, who gave £4.5 million.

Labour Party Member (Credits: The Mirror)

Labour Party chairwoman Anneliese Dodds credited Keir Starmer’s leadership for the fundraising success, stating that the party’s plan aims to deliver the change Britain deserves.

This surge in donations comes as Labour maintains a sustained double-digit lead over the ruling Conservatives in opinion polls ahead of an expected election later in the year.

The Conservative Party also had a successful fundraising year, including a £10 million bequest from the late Lord John Sainsbury, cousin of Lord David Sainsbury.

The Tories received around £42 million in total cash donations, significantly higher than Labour’s £19 million. The Liberal Democrats reported around £3 million in total cash donations, while Reform UK received £255,000.

The rise in individual donations reflects strong support for Labour’s platform under Keir Starmer’s leadership and suggests a significant level of confidence in the party’s ability to deliver positive change for the country.

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