Lord Walney Returns, Now Focusing on Democracy Itself

Credits: GB News

Lord Walney, formerly known as John Woodcock, was a Labour MP for Barrow known for his right-wing views. He left the Labour Party in 2018 amid se*xual harassment allegations, which he denied. His resignation halted the party’s investigation. After supporting the Tories in the 2019 general election, Boris Johnson made him a life peer.

Today, Lord Walney serves as the government’s adviser on political violence and disruption, a role where he has become a leading figure in threatening democratic and civil rights.

He has actively supported the Israeli attack on Gaza. He has proposed various measures to curb pro-Palestinian protests, including making organizers pay for policing and banning protests outside certain locations.

Lord Walney (Credits: Yorkshire Post)

His proposals seem to favor the rich and powerful, limit democratic expression, and obstruct solidarity with causes like Palestine and climate change. He appears to use his position to promote his political agenda, particularly in support of Israel and against progressive movements.

Lord Walney’s actions raise concerns about his commitment to democratic principles, as he seeks to silence dissenting voices under the guise of protecting democracy.

His background in New Labour serves as a reminder that threats to democracy can come from across the political spectrum. Some argue that the House of Lords should be abolished to protect democratic rights, starting with removing Lord Walney from public life.

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