RNC Votes to Install Chair Chosen by Donald Trump as Former President Tightens Grip on Party

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The Republican National Committee (RNC) voted on Friday to install Donald Trump’s handpicked leadership team, solidifying his influence over the party as he moves closer to a potential third presidential nomination.

Michael Whatley, a North Carolina Republican who has supported Trump’s false claims of voter fraud, was elected as the party’s new national chairman, while Lara Trump, the former president’s daughter-in-law, was voted in as co-chair.

The move completes Trump’s takeover of the national party, with his team now in firm control of the party’s political and fundraising machinery.

Lara Trump (Credits: ABC News)

Whatley, who replaces longtime chair Ronna McDaniel, emphasized in his speech to RNC members that the party’s mission is to elect Trump as the 47th President of the United States.

He will be supported by Lara Trump, who is expected to focus on fundraising and media appearances. Chris LaCivita, one of Trump’s top advisers, will serve as the functional head of the RNC, overseeing sweeping changes and staffing moves to align the committee more closely with the Trump campaign.

The change in leadership comes amid criticism from some RNC members regarding the payment of Trump’s legal bills. LaCivita clarified that neither the RNC’s nor the campaign’s money would be used for this purpose, stating that Trump’s legal bills are being covered by his affiliated Save America political action committee.

This assurance follows mixed messages from Lara Trump, who previously indicated support for using RNC funds to pay her father-in-law’s legal fees.

While McDaniel received a standing ovation after her departure speech, the new leadership was eagerly embraced, with Lara Trump receiving celebrity-like treatment from members.

Lara Trump and Donald Trump (Credits: TAG24)

The shift in leadership signifies Trump’s control over the party’s direction, with a renewed focus on voter fraud and Trump’s debunked claims about the 2020 election.

Despite concerns from some RNC members about the party’s direction under Trump’s leadership, the new team is determined to prioritize winning elections and supporting Trump’s agenda.

Lara Trump reiterated her commitment to getting out the vote in battleground states and ensuring election security, echoing her father-in-law’s focus on these issues.

In conclusion, Trump’s influence over the RNC is now more pronounced than ever, with his handpicked team firmly in control. The party’s focus is squarely on supporting Trump’s potential presidential bid, with a clear commitment to his agenda and messaging.

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