Naomi Barber King, Civil Rights Advocate and Final Member of MLK Jr.’s Generation of Kings, Passes Away at 92

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Naomi Barber King, a prominent civil rights activist and the wife of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s younger brother, passed away in Atlanta at the age of 92, according to an announcement by the A.D. King Foundation.

Known for her commitment to youth and women empowerment, Naomi King was a key figure in advancing nonviolent social change strategies.

Born in Dothan, Alabama, Naomi King moved to Atlanta with her mother, Bessie Barber, seeking better opportunities. She and her mother were active members of the Ebenezer Baptist Church, where they found spiritual guidance under the leadership of Rev. Martin Luther King, Sr. and his wife, Mrs. Alberta Williams King.

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Naomi King attended Spelman College, studying French before marrying A.D. Williams King. Later, she pursued a course in interior design at the University of Alabama.

Throughout her life, she remained deeply engaged in the Civil Rights Movement, supporting her husband and Martin Luther King, Jr. in their campaigns and protests.

Tragedy struck the King family when a bomb destroyed their home in Birmingham in 1963, and both Martin Luther King, Jr. and A.D. King faced assassination and tragic deaths in subsequent years. Despite these hardships, Naomi King remained resilient and committed to the cause of civil rights.

Naomi Barber King (Credits: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

In her later years, Naomi King published a book titled “A.D. and ML King: Two Brothers Who Dared to Dream,” reflecting on the lives and legacies of her husband and brother-in-law.

She leaves behind a lasting impact on the Civil Rights Movement and a legacy of courage, strength, and dedication to social justice.

Naomi King is survived by her daughter, Alveda King, and son, Derek King, among other family members. Her contributions to the fight for equality and justice will be remembered and honored by all those whose lives she touched.

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