Cuomo Labels NYC Migrant Crisis a ‘Government Blunder,’ Takes Aim at Fellow Democrats Hochul and Biden

Credits: The New York Times

Former Governor Andrew Cuomo criticized the handling of the migrant crisis, calling it a “government blunder” during a speech at a Bronx church.

Cuomo, who resigned two and a half years ago amid a sex-harassment scandal, took aim at fellow Democrats Governor Kathy Hochul and President Joe Biden. He expressed concern about New York City being burdened with the influx of migrants and criticized the state’s decision to confine migrants to the city, stating that it makes no sense.

Cuomo Labels (Credits: New York Daily News)

Cuomo highlighted that New York City has over 100,000 migrants who have come to the city, and the responsibility for housing, education, and medical care falls on the city.

He mentioned the mayor’s plea to the federal government to cover the costs, likening the situation to a restaurant bill where everyone hesitates to pick up the tab.

The former governor emphasized the unsustainability of the situation, citing the city’s high taxes, upcoming congestion tolls, and ongoing challenges with crime and homelessness.

Cuomo Labels (Credits: Reuters)

Cuomo warned that the added costs could drive more people to leave the state and criticized the difficulties migrants face in obtaining work papers.

Despite his concerns about the crisis, Cuomo urged compassion, stating that migrants deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

He criticized the housing conditions at Brooklyn’s Floyd Bennet Field, describing it as a “wind tunnel,” and emphasized the need for humane treatment of migrants regardless of how they arrived. Cuomo’s remarks mark his return to the public spotlight as he addresses a pressing national issue.

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