New Jersey Passes Law Requiring First Responders to Receive Training for Handling Dangerous Electric Vehicle Fires


A legislative initiative led by Assemblyman Herb Conaway, Jr., and Assemblyman Michael Venezia aims to equip emergency medical technicians and firefighters in New Jersey with specialized training for handling electric vehicle fires.

Sponsored by Assemblywoman Quijano, the proposal underscores the evolving risks and procedures associated with the burgeoning electric vehicle sector.

Training for Handling Electric Vehicle Fires (Credits: Carscoops)

The bill outlines a comprehensive training program, mandating that the Division of Fire Safety and the Department of Community Affairs, in partnership with the New Jersey Fire and Emergency Medical Services Institute, develop and implement a course for firefighters.

This course will focus on the unique challenges posed by electric vehicle fires, including the intensified heat and prolonged burning of lithium-ion batteries compared to traditional gasoline fires.

Furthermore, the legislation requires the Commissioner of Health to collaborate with the Commissioner of Human Services and relevant state agencies to establish a similar training module for emergency medical technicians.

Training for Handling Electric Vehicle Fires (Credits:

This initiative aims to ensure first responders are well-prepared to tackle electric vehicle fires safely and efficiently, reflecting the state’s adaptation to the increasing prevalence of electric vehicles on its roads.

The act stipulates that all current emergency service personnel must complete the new training within 36 months of its effective date.

The anticipated regulations seek to enhance the safety and effectiveness of emergency response operations in the face of electric vehicle incidents, addressing a critical need in the era of sustainable transportation.

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