Trump Wins American Samoa’s Republican Caucus, Moving Closer to GOP Nomination

Donald Trump (Credits: New Jersey Monitor)

Former President Donald Trump’s overwhelming victory in the Republican caucus in American Samoa, where he secured 100 percent of the vote and all nine delegates, highlights his continued support within the Republican Party.

This caucus, the first nominating contest for Republicans in American Samoa since Nikki Haley withdrew from the race after Super Tuesday, showcased Trump’s enduring popularity even in far-flung territories like American Samoa, located nearly 5,000 miles off the coast of California.

The Republican caucus in American Samoa, consisting of all 110 voters, was closely watched after an underdog candidate, Jason Palmer, unexpectedly tied with President Joe Biden in the Democratic contest, with both candidates securing three delegates each.

Donald Trump (Credits: The Hill)

Despite Palmer’s surprising performance in the Democratic caucus, the Republican voters in American Samoa overwhelmingly favored Trump, highlighting his deep-rooted support within the Republican Party.

This result comes as Trump plays a prominent role in Republican politics, with many viewing him as a potential candidate in the 2024 presidential election.

Trump’s dominance in the American Samoa caucus underscores his ability to mobilize support across various regions and indicates that he remains a significant force within the Republican Party.

Looking ahead, 161 delegates will be up for grabs across four states—Georgia, Mississippi, Washington, and Hawaii—in the upcoming Republican contests on March 12.

With Trump expected to surpass the 1215 delegate threshold needed for the GOP nomination by Tuesday evening, his victory in American Samoa serves as a strong indication of his continued strength within the party.

Donald Trump (Credits: USA Today)

Despite facing criticism and scrutiny, particularly regarding his age and health, Trump has remained a formidable figure in Republican politics. His campaign has launched a $30 million ad buy as he embarks on a battleground state tour, signaling his intention to remain active in the political arena.

In response to Biden’s recent comments regretting his use of the term “illegal” to describe Jose Ibarra, a Venezuelan man charged in connection with the death of 22-year-old Georgia nursing student Laken Riley, Trump’s team shared a video highlighting Biden’s age-related gaffes and health concerns.

This underscores the ongoing scrutiny surrounding Biden’s age and health as he seeks another term in office. As the 2024 presidential election approaches,

Trump’s victory in the American Samoa caucus and his continued influence within the Republican Party suggest that he will remain a central figure in American politics for the foreseeable future.