Bernie Sanders Urges Biden to Halt U.S. Funding for Netanyahu’s ‘War Machine’

Credits: The Times of Israel

Sen. Bernie Sanders has urged President Joe Biden to withhold further U.S. funding for Israel’s military unless it allows more humanitarian aid to reach civilians in Gaza.

Speaking on CBS’s “Face The Nation,” Sanders emphasized the urgent need to address the humanitarian crisis resulting from the ongoing offensive in Gaza, which has led to the deaths of thousands of Palestinians and the displacement of millions.

Sanders stressed that the United States cannot be complicit in the mass suffering of innocent civilians, particularly children facing starvation and malnutrition.

Bernie Sanders (Credits: Politico)

He called for a tougher stance against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, arguing that pressuring him to prioritize the well-being of Palestinians is both a moral imperative and politically astute.

Expressing concern over Netanyahu’s plans to expand the offensive to the city of Rafah, Sanders warned that such a move would be catastrophic. He reiterated his stance that U.S. funding for Israel’s military should be contingent on the provision of humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Bernie Sanders (Credits: Truthout)

However, Biden has indicated that while he opposes further escalation, he will not withdraw U.S. support for Israel. Despite warning Netanyahu against launching an offensive on Rafah, Biden emphasized the importance of continuing to provide military assistance to Israel for its defense, including the funding of systems like the Iron Dome.

Netanyahu, for his part, has emphasized the need to ensure Israel’s security and prevent further attacks like the one perpetrated by Hamas in October. Cease-fire talks between Israel and Hamas have stalled, despite efforts by Egypt, Qatar, and the U.S. to broker a pause in hostilities.

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