Biden Proposes $13.9 Billion Budget for Labor Department in Fiscal 2025

Biden (Credits: News4JAX)

President Joe Biden has proposed a budget increase of $318 million for the Department of Labor (DOL) for fiscal year 2025, representing a 2.3% rise from the current budget level enacted in 2023.

While this increase is significant, it falls short of Biden’s previous request for the agency, as he had sought $15.1 billion for the DOL for fiscal year 2024, over $1 billion more than the proposed budget for 2025.

The proposed increase in funding for the DOL is part of Biden’s broader efforts to support workers and strengthen labor protections. The budget request includes funding for programs to expand workplace benefits and improve working conditions for Americans nationwide.

Joe Biden (Credits: E&E News)

One area of focus in Biden’s budget proposal is worker safety. The budget includes funding for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to strengthen enforcement of workplace safety regulations and ensure that workers are protected from hazards on the job.

This funding will help OSHA conduct more inspections and investigations to identify and address safety standards violations. Expanding access to paid leave and other workplace benefits is another key priority in Biden’s budget proposal.

The budget includes funding for programs to help workers access paid family and medical leave and initiatives to improve access to affordable childcare and eldercare.

Biden (Credits: USA Today)

These investments are aimed at helping workers balance their work and family responsibilities and improving overall workforce participation. Biden’s budget proposal also includes funding programs supporting workforce development and training.

The budget includes funding for initiatives to help workers gain the skills they need to succeed in the modern economy, including apprenticeship programs and job training initiatives. These investments aim to assist workers in securing good-paying jobs and advancing in their careers.

Biden’s budget proposal for the Department of Labor reflects his commitment to supporting workers and improving labor protections. If approved by Congress, the proposed budget increase will help the DOL promote and protect workers’ rights across the United States.