Jon Stewart Alters Stance on Joe Biden

Credits: Business Insider

Mary Trump, a prominent critic of former President Donald Trump and a niece of his, has called out Jon Stewart, the comedian and former host of “The Daily Show,” labeling him a “danger to democracy.”

This comes after Stewart’s recent comments on President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, which seemed to indicate a shift in his stance towards the president.

Stewart, known for his sharp wit and political commentary, discussed Biden’s speech on his show, noting the president’s challenge of presenting his vision for the nation while dispelling doubts about his age and vigor.

Jon Stewart (Credits: CBS News)

Stewart humorously referenced the Pixar movie “Up” to illustrate this point, suggesting Biden wouldn’t prefer to simply float away from the White House with balloons.

During Biden’s address to Congress, the president emphasized his belief that Russian President Vladimir Putin will not back down from his aggression in Ukraine. Biden asserted America’s resilience in the face of challenges and reaffirmed his commitment to standing up to Putin.

Stewart, in his commentary, jokingly referred to Biden as “Joe ‘Raisonette’ Biden” and playfully taunted critics, saying, “Put up your dukes.” He then proceeded to mimic those who have criticized Biden, suggesting that despite the criticism, the president remains strong.

Jon Stewart (Credits: Newsweek)

Mary Trump, however, took issue with Stewart’s apparent shift in tone towards Biden. She criticized Stewart, calling him a “danger to democracy,” although her exact reasons for this characterization were not specified.

Mary Trump has been a vocal critic of her uncle, Donald Trump, and has often spoken out against him and his administration. Stewart’s comments on Biden’s State of the Union address reflect a departure from his previous criticisms of the president, leading some to speculate about his evolving views on Biden’s presidency.

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