Biden Will Consider Conditioning Military Aid to Israel if Israel Invades Rafah

Netanyahu (Credits: The Times of Israel)

The reported consideration by President Joe Biden to condition military aid to Israel in response to a potential large-scale invasion of Rafah, as detailed by POLITICO citing U.S. officials, underscores the significant strains in the relationship between the Biden administration and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to the sources cited in the report, Biden’s willingness to consider such a step reflects the administration’s frustration with Netanyahu’s handling of the conflict with Hamas, particularly in regard to the protection of Palestinian civilians.

Netanyahu (Credits: The Times of Israel)

While no decision has been made on limiting future weapons transfers to Israel, the possibility remains on the table if Israel proceeds with a new operation that poses a significant risk to civilian lives.

Despite Netanyahu’s intention to press ahead with plans for an invasion of Rafah, Biden has reportedly warned that such an offensive would cross a “red line.”

Relief organizations have raised concerns about the potential humanitarian impact of an attack on Rafah, which is home to a large population of Palestinians and could result in widespread civilian casualties.

Netanyahu, Israel Prime Minister (Credits: OnlySky Media)

An Israeli military official, speaking anonymously, confirmed that a Rafah invasion was not imminent and that preparations would need to be made before any operation could commence.

However, the official acknowledged that an offensive in Rafah could have significant consequences for civilian populations and regional stability.

The reported consideration of conditioning military aid to Israel underscores the complex dynamics at play in the U.S.-Israel relationship and the challenges faced by the Biden administration in balancing support for Israel with concerns about human rights and international law.

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