‘Trump Employee 5’ Asserts Classified Docs Case Is Not a ‘Witch Hunt’

Brian Butler, a key figure in the classified documents case involving former President Trump, has spoken out against Trump’s claims that the case is a “witch hunt.”

In an interview with CNN, Butler, who is referred to as “Trump Employee 5” in court records, rejected Trump’s assertions and detailed his role in unknowingly transporting boxes of classified documents.

Butler described feeling caught in a difficult situation as he was asked questions about his close friend Carlos de Oliveira, a co-defendant in the case. Despite his honesty, Butler felt conflicted about potentially getting his friend into trouble.

Donald Trump (Credits: Los Angeles Times)

He recounted a strange request from co-defendant Walt Nauta in June 2022 to help move boxes of documents from Mar-a-Lago onto a private jet.

Butler said he had no idea that the boxes he helped move contained classified material, and he was shocked to learn later that the documents were the same ones federal investigators were seeking.

Butler has become a key witness for special counsel Jack Smith, providing information about the alleged leak of classified information to Australian billionaire Anthony Pratt in 2021. Unlike his co-defendants, Butler has refused to use an attorney the Trump legal team supplied.

Trump (Credits: MarketWatch)

The classified documents case against Trump includes charges of mishandling classified information and obstruction of justice. Prosecutors have argued against Trump’s attempts to dismiss or delay the case, stating that he is not immune from prosecution due to his status as a former president.

The case has drawn parallels to the investigation into classified documents involving former President Biden, with prosecutors highlighting Trump’s alleged efforts to obstruct justice and impede the return of classified documents.