Trump Criticizes E. Jean Carroll on CNBC, Blaming Attacks That Cost $83 Million

Credits: CNN

Former President Donald Trump’s recent interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box ended with a contentious exchange. Anchor Joe Kernan tried unsuccessfully to interrupt Trump as he repeated attacks against E. Jean Carroll, a move that has already cost him a significant sum in a defamation case.

Trump has been found liable for defaming Carroll, who accused him of raping her, leading to two civil trial victories against him. Judge Lewis Kaplan stated that the evidence presented at trial showed that Trump had raped Carroll, as many people commonly understand the word.

Donald Trump and Jean Carroll (Credits: NBC News)

During the interview, Trump launched into a tirade against Carroll, despite Kernan’s attempts to interject. Trump criticized the legal issues he is facing, blaming them on what he described as corrupt district attorneys, including one he referred to as “Fanny beautiful Fanny.”

He also criticized the handling of his legal cases, particularly in New York, suggesting they are politically motivated and part of a conspiracy.

Trump expressed confidence in winning an appeal against the “ridiculous decisions” in his legal cases, including the defamation case involving Carroll.

He mentioned having to post a $91 million bond, which he described as a result of a false accusation. Trump claimed that such legal actions are driving people away from New York.

E. Jean Carroll and Trump (Credits: Mediaite)

Kernan attempted to interrupt Trump, saying, “But– but–” but could not stop Trump from continuing his monologue. Trump went on to suggest that the legal actions against him have increased his popularity, describing himself as a “pioneer” facing unjust attacks.

Trump’s comments reflect his ongoing defiance against legal challenges and his belief that they are politically motivated. The interview highlighted the contentious nature of Trump’s legal battles and his willingness to criticize those he believes are targeting him unfairly publicly.

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