Joe Biden Jests About Donald Trump Allegedly Suggesting Bleach Injections

Biden calls out Trump (Credits: NBC News)

During a fundraiser in Houston on March 21, Joe Biden aimed at Donald Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, poking fun at the former president’s controversial remarks from the early days of the crisis.

Reflecting on the challenges faced by the nation at the onset of the pandemic, Biden recounted the uncertainty and chaos that prevailed as COVID-19 spread rapidly across the country. He seized the opportunity to respond to Trump’s recent query to voters about whether they were better off than four years ago.

Joe Biden and Trump (Credits: Newsweek)

“Donald, I’m glad you asked that question, man,” Biden quipped, prompting laughter from the audience. He urged Americans to reflect on the state of affairs in March 2020, when the pandemic first gripped the nation, and hospitals were overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients.

In a thinly veiled jab at Trump’s leadership during the crisis, Biden referenced reports suggesting that the former president had suggested absurd and dangerous treatments for COVID-19, including the idea of ingesting or injecting bleach.

Donald Trump and Biden (Credits: NBC News)

The president’s remarks highlighted what he viewed as Trump’s mismanagement and dissemination of misinformation during a national crisis.  Biden’s comments underscored the sharp contrast between his approach to the pandemic and that of his predecessor, emphasizing his commitment to science-based decision-making and responsible leadership in combating the virus.