Johnson Indicates Ukraine Aid Will Be Addressed “Right After” Recess and Will Incorporate Some “Innovations”

Johnson Mike (Credits: The Hill)

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) expressed his anticipation for advancing a legislative package to aid Ukraine, highlighting “some important innovations” to be included when the House reconvenes from recess.

During a “Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy” interview, Johnson emphasized the challenges the historically narrow House majority posed. Still, he affirmed his commitment to crafting a bipartisan package.

He emphasized the necessity of building consensus in an era of divided government. He underscored the importance of bipartisan support for specific measures, particularly when addressing critical issues like aid for Ukraine.

Speaker Johnson (Credits: The Daily Wire)

Johnson revealed that discussions were underway during the current work period to garner support from all members, with plans to introduce the aid package upon the House’s return to session.

He hinted at innovative approaches within the package, citing examples such as extending a loan to Ukraine and introducing the REPO for Ukrainians Act, which would authorize the seizure of Russian sovereign assets frozen in the U.S. and allocate them to Ukraine for use against Russia.

Regarding the REPO Act, Johnson emphasized its potential impact in leveraging the seized assets of Russian oligarchs to bolster Ukraine’s ability to combat Russian aggression. He also referenced President Trump’s endorsement of the loan concept, which would establish a reciprocal relationship enabling Ukraine to repay aid when feasible.

EX President Trump (Credits:

In addition to financial support, Johnson outlined initiatives to leverage American energy resources to undermine Vladimir Putin‘s war efforts in Ukraine, mainly through natural gas exports.

He expressed confidence in the consensus-building process and assured that the aid package for Ukraine, including these innovative measures, would be promptly introduced following the district work period.

Johnson’s remarks align with House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Turner’s assertion of overwhelming congressional support for Ukraine funding upon their return. Turner emphasized Speaker Johnson’s commitment to prioritizing Ukraine funding and anticipated swift legislative action to place a bill on the president’s desk.

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