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Matthew Whitaker Tells Newsmax: Trump Expressed ‘Definite Stance’ on Abortion

Donald J Trump (Credits: CNN)

In a recent discussion on Newsline, former acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker voiced his perspective on the divisive issue of abortion, marking it as a point of unity solely for Democrats, to the detriment of national cohesion.

Whitaker, now a senior fellow at the American Cornerstone Institute, criticized the unified Democratic stance on abortion, suggesting it threatens to “hurt and separate our country.”

He contrasted this with what he views as a more inclusive Republican approach, highlighting bipartisan support for in vitro fertilization (IVF) as a means to aid couples struggling with fertility.

Matthew Whitaker (Credits: Fox News)

During the interview, Whitaker reflected on the post-Dobbs landscape of abortion law in the United States, advocating for the matter to be decided by individual states rather than at the federal level.

This stance aligns with former President Donald Trump‘s view, which Whitaker finds to offer clarity in envisioning a nation’s approach after the pivotal Dobbs decision.

Whitaker underscored the Republican belief in the sanctity of life as a core principle, expressing regret over the singular focus of Democrats on abortion, which he believes undermines national unity.

As states navigate the post-Dobbs era, Whitaker observed the emerging diverse regulatory frameworks, contrasting more liberal policies in states like California with restrictive measures in states such as Florida and Iowa.

According to Whitaker, this diversity reflects a broader national debate that cannot be neatly resolved by Congress, which struggles with essential functions like passing a budget.

He asserts that the constitutionally grounded principle of state sovereignty should guide the resolution of abortion laws, allowing states to adjust their policies in response to medical and political developments.

Matthew Whitaker, Trump Loyalist (Credits: The New York Post)

Whitaker critiqued President Joe Biden’s approach to the 2024 election, mainly focusing on Biden’s anticipated move to extend student debt relief. He characterized such measures as politically motivated “handouts” aimed at securing the support of specific voter demographics, questioning the legal basis for dispensing billions in taxpayer funds without congressional approval.

Whitaker challenged the fairness of imposing the burden of student debt relief on individuals who have either not pursued higher education or have already settled their student loans, labeling Biden’s strategy as an attempt to “buy votes.”

Whitaker’s comments reflect deep-seated divisions on issues of abortion and economic policy, spotlighting the contrasting philosophies and strategies of America’s major political parties as they prepare for the upcoming election cycle.

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