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Hassan-Nahoum Tells Newsmax: Withdrawal from Gaza Represents Another Phase in the Conflict

Deputy Mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum (Credits: The Week)

Jerusalem’s Deputy Mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum recently shared insights on Israel’s military strategy in Gaza, particularly addressing misconceptions about troop withdrawals from southern Gaza.

Speaking on Newsmax’s “Sunday Report,” Hassan-Nahoum emphasized that Israel’s repositioning of forces should not be interpreted as a retreat but rather as a strategic recalibration for the ongoing conflict with Hamas.

According to discussions with experts, this movement is seen as preparation for the next critical stage of the operation, mainly focusing on the Gaza city of Rafah, where Hamas’s remaining battalions are situated. Israel’s intent, she clarified, is not to diminish its military presence but to strengthen its strategic posture against Hamas.

Gaza war (Credits: BBC)

The conversation also shed light on the broader context of Israel’s defensive actions, particularly in response to potential threats from Iran following Israeli airstrikes on Iranian military officials in Damascus. However, beyond the military maneuvers and geopolitical considerations, Hassan-Nahoum touched on the profound human cost of the conflict.

The deputy mayor painted a poignant picture of the national trauma experienced due to the ongoing hostage crisis initiated by the Hamas incursion on October 7. This crisis has seen individuals across a wide age spectrum, from infants to the elderly, being held in Gaza, underscoring the humanitarian toll of the conflict.

Hassan-Nahoum also reflected on the personal loss felt across Israeli society due to the deaths of soldiers. In a country where community ties run deep, the loss of young men and women in defense of their nation resonates strongly, leaving a collective sense of heartbreak.

Israel-Hamas war (Credits: NDTV)

Regarding the peace talks in Cairo, Hassan-Nahoum expressed a degree of skepticism toward Hamas’s sincerity in seeking a ceasefire. She suggested that Hamas’s actions, including the conditions they have placed for the release of hostages, indicate a strategy of duplicity rather than a genuine desire for peace.

Hassan-Nahoum called upon the United States to leverage its influence over Hamas and its allies, like Qatar, to facilitate a resolution. She highlighted Qatar’s important financial interests in the U.S. and the strategic presence of a U.S. military base in Qatar as potential leverage points.

Her final message was clear: a path to ceasefire and peace lies through the immediate release of the hostages, a step she urges Hamas to take for the conflict to de-escalate.

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