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The Last Of Us TV Show Adaptation Coming Pretty Soon?

The Last Of Us TV Show

After each day passes, the hype is getting more and more for The Last of Us TV show. With each day while hearing updates regarding the show, it is promising that the show is worth the wait and worth the hype. Even though the show is still under its early stages of production, updates, and rumors regarding this show come out after every day passes.

HBO has several creatives invited down for key roles in this upcoming series. And while looking at the cast, which we will look into later in this article, it is clear that HBO is having a great show working under their studios. With many rumors and speculations and confirmations from official sources that have been surrounding us, Today we will gather all of it, digging a bit deeper into all of it to bring you a more comprehensive look at everything we know so far about The Last of Us TV show.

We will look at the officially confirmed cast lists and the expected cast to join the sets of The Last of US TV series production. Along with that, we will also look into the official plot synopsis, which, HBO itself has released. Now that we have here, let’s jump into the detailed article.

The Last Of Us TV Show

It will be brought to life by Neil Druckmann, writer of the original game, and the creator of HBO’s excellent Chernobyl series.

About Last of Us

For those who don’t know, The Last of Us is a 2013 action-adventure, third-person perspective game, which was developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. In this game, players play as Joel, a smuggler tasked with escorting a teenage girl, Ellie. The story takes place in the post-apocalyptic United States.

Players also get the chance to use firearms and improvised weapons, stealth to defend against hostile humans. Not only to humans they also have to face cannibalistic creatures who were infected with mutated fungus in the genus Cordyceps. There is also an online multiplayer mode, where people can handle up to eight players engage in collaborative and competitive gameplay.

The game was widely accepted for its narrative, gameplay, visuals, sound design, and characterization. As a result of being better in many parts of the game, The Last of Us game became one of the best-selling video games. The Last of Us game copies sold over 1.3 million units in its very first week.  It hit the 17 million point by April 2018.

The game won many awards such as the Game of the Year awards, and from many other gaming publications, critics, and game award ceremonies. At one point the game was even widely known as the greatest video game ever made. Even part two of this Game has been released recently.  We will see spoilers of the show or the game, whichever you will see first.

What will be the story of  The Last Of Us TV Show?

Everyone is wondering about this, since HBO has announced that, what will they bring with The Last of US TV show for their viewers. As for now we only have the Synopsis, officially revealed by HBO.

the synopsis states that the story takes place after 20 years from the day when modern civilization was destroyed. Joel, a hardened survivor, is hired to kidnap Ellie, a 14-year-old girl, who is from an oppressive quarantine zone. The job which was expected to be small turns out to be not easy as expected. As it becomes a brutal, heartbreaking journey. In this, they both must traverse across the U.S. while depending upon each other for their survival.

Looking at the reports regarding the show circulating the internet, the series will try to stay as much as true to the events from the original game. Even though it will try to stay as much as true to the origin story of the game, there is still the possibility of additional content, which will be based on the upcoming sequel to the origin game-The Last of Us 2.

We can also hear some reports suggesting that there will be more than one season to this series. Yes even before the release of season one episode one of The Last of Us TV series, we are beginning to hear about the future seasons of the show. This shows that the show will have great content as it has convinced HBO for another season even before the pilot episode!

It’s happy to see that this series won’t be a Chernobyl-style miniseries, but instead, it will be there for us for a long time. The Co-creator of the show, Craig Mazin has given fans a hint that The Last of Us HBO series may be a more definitive version of the story of the game from which the series is adapted. Which means this means that the series will not change the world or the storyline of the series, but enhance it furthermore.

Craig has also guaranteed that the TV series will include a moment that was not in the game that will make our jaws drop. This hints that the series will be more of a completing version of the already good storyline of the last of us game. Rather than breaking something, it’s always good to go with something good to much better.

Along with that, The Last of Us creative director Neil Druckmann has also given some hints on what to expect in this TV series.  According to him, it was quite challenging to bring the game’s storyline to the HBO series in an interview. As this is a TV series, they needed to change the interactive perspective of the story from the game to the series. Even though it was challenging, the team was successful enough to make it happen to the TV series adaptation level.

The Last of Us cast: every confirmed character so far

Do note that the Full cast of the series is still not out and more members can still join the cast of the series. The creator of the famous mini TV series, Chernobyl, which was also produced by HBO, Craig Mazin is coupling up with Naughty Dog’s own Neil Druckmann to adapt. We will also see Bella Ramsey as Ellie, who was famous for her performance in Game Of Thrones, another famous show by HBO.

Bella Ramsey’s role in Game of Thrones as the fan-favorite Lady Lyanna Mormont was widely accepted and we all were able to see how capable she was in that fierce, confident, show-stealing character. The series will have the scorings from Gustavo Santaolalla, who had also made scores for the Two games from The Last of Us franchise.

As we have said before, the full cast list hasn’t been released yet, we will see a new cast for other characters as Joel who will be Ellie’s Left Behind girlfriend, Riley, as well as Tess, Marlene, Maria, Abby, a member of the WLF.

Release Date for HBO’s The Last Of Us TV Show

Unfortunately, HBO hasn’t still announced any launch dates for the upcoming game adapted series. This is because the series is still under development. But we can make sure that the schedule is moving forward according to the plan. although the series is presumably still early in development, it’s also safe to assume things are moving at HBO.

The Last Of Us TV Show

Last time when asked, Craig Mazin said that production for the Last Of Us show will begin after The Last of Us 2 game is released. If his words are true, that would mean the project has been in full development for almost a year.

What all are your thoughts regarding the upcoming Tv series by HBO – The Last of US TV Series. Will this show be able to keep up with HBO’s past in creating amazing shows along with a strong fan base for the show? This is a bit challenging as the show writers need to write content based on both of the games. Surely, we will see more and more updates regarding the updates about these fan-favorite shows.

We are really interesting to see how the creators have adapted and made changes to this show when compared to its original adaptations. Also, it will be really interesting to see how the show creators can keep up with the hype of the show.

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