Jake Flint Net Worth – The Talented Musician Who Died At 37

The music community of Oklahoma is under immense grief as a popular singer and copywriter, Jake Flint, passed away. The native of Oklahoma died in his sleep. He was only 37. The death was confirmed by the publicist of Flint- Clif Doyal. The worst part of this tragedy is that Jake Flint married his friend Brenda just a day back.

The wedding celebrations were all in full swing as Jake Flint tied the knot with Brenda. What was supposed to be a new beginning for both has now turned out to be extremely heartbreaking. Jake Flint was often termed Oklahoma Red Dirt music’s ambassador.

Friends and fans remember him as a very gentle and sweet guy who was loved by one and all. The love and respect people had for him is clearly apparent as many poured their tributes on social media.

The sudden death of a young musician has left people stunned. Right now, the real reason behind his death hasn’t been confirmed. Flint’s wife, Brenda, shared a heartwarming clip of her wedding where she and Flint are enjoying the best time of their life. The poor lady put up a tragic caption- “I don’t understand.” She is out of words and doesn’t know how to react to the tragedy.

Jake flint popular albums
Jake and Brenda loved each other deeply

Jake Flint Early Life

Jake Flint spent his childhood days in Holdenville. His dad loved music, and this is how Flint got attracted to music. His father was handed a diagnosis of ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). His father then decided to teach music to Flint with the help of professional teachers. Soon, Flint was learning how to play guitar and attended several music festivals.

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Jake’s father ensured that his son learned the guitar

Jake was exposed to the Red Dirt genre of music. This is a subgenre of country music that traces its origin to Oklahoma. It is named after the type of soil found in the region. Jake’s father ensured that his son learned the guitar and honed his musical talent adequately.

Jake Flint’s Musical Journey

Flint was deeply influenced by rock music. He loved listening to rockstars of the 1990s like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, etc. He would also listen to bands like Phish, String Cheese Incident, etc. His first album was released in 2016. The album titled “I’m Not Okay” was widely loved by the public. After the success of the first album, he decided to release more.

 jake flint net worth
Jake and Brenda’s love story ended too soon.

So he worked on and released three albums in the next few years. These albums included Live and Not OK (2018), Jake Flint (2020), and the 2021 album titled “Live and Socially Distanced at Mercury Lounge. All the albums were superhit and helped Flint earn a good amount of fame.

Jake Flint marriage
All the albums of Jake were super hits.

Jake got the chance to be a featured performer at a big award show in Texas. He released a few albums, and all of them were smashing hits. He even got an award for being a breakout artist. Jake was termed a rising star by his friends and family. No wonder people are quite saddened by his death.

Jake Flint’s Net Worth

red dirt musicians
Jake has a net worth of around $1 million.

Jake Flint’s net worth stands at around $1 million. He managed to earn most of his income through the sale of his albums. Most of his albums were superhit and thus assisted him in getting a significant amount of money. Flint resided in a plush property in Oklahoma. Jake had to go through many struggles. His father got diagnosed with a terrible disease. So Jake had to manage it all on his own. His hard work ensured success.

Jake also has his own website. Fans can purchase his solo albums or a combo of all. He used to constantly provide updates about his shows, songs, etc., on his website.

Jake Flint’s Style Of  Music

jake flint red dirt musician
Jake was a red dirt artist.

Jake used to play both as a solo artist as well as with his band. He would go on tours and would perform at various destinations like Oklahoma, Texas, and other nearby states. Soon he started to get offers from state and regional festivals. He would take part in these fests. Many of these fests were organized to raise funds for the Red Dirt Relief Fund. Flint being a generous man, would contribute significantly to this NGO.

 Jake Died Just A Few Hours After His Wedding

jake flint death real reason
Tributes are pouring in for Jake.

In what can be termed a devastating tragedy, Jake passed away just a few hours after he wed his long-time friend Brenda. Brenda kept updating her friends about her wedding. Both Jake and Brenda can be seen laughing and dancing their heart out as they marry each other.

But little did they know life had other plans for them. Brenda poured her heart out on Facebook. She wrote that it was supposed to be her life’s best moment. She and Jake should have checked out their wedding pics and laughed at the beautiful moments they shared.

But destiny had disastrous plans for her and Jake. And now she is busy selecting the clothes to put her husband to rest forever. Brenda expressed that no one should go through so much pain. She feels lost and terrible as her heart is now gone. She just wants him to return back, as Brenda requires him the most right now.