Demetress Bell’s Networth, Career, Earnings and More

Demetress Bell
Demetress Bell

Demetress Carte Bell, known as Demetrius Bell, was born in Summerfield, Louisiana, United States, on May 3, 1984. He’s a former American football offensive tackle who used to play for Dallas Cowboys. He was born to thirteen-year-old Gloria Bell and Karl Malone. When Demetress was born, Karl was twenty years old basketball player and was also a National Basketball Association star.

Demetress Bell didn’t have a close bond with his father; he didn’t even know who his father was, at least not before he dropped out of high school. He met Karl Malone when he mentioned that he’d been drafted by the Buffalo Bills as an NFL offensive lineman in 2008. His father, Karl, told him that it was too late to start any father-son relationship between them.

It wasn’t until 2014 that ice started melting between the father-son duo. Demetress Bell and Karl Malone are now on a good equation. Before mending their relationship and coming to some level of understanding, both son and father have spoken to each other on only one occasion.

Demetress Bell
Demetress Bell

Bell, in his teenage, used to play both softball and basketball but was slightly bent towards softball more. He was not at all an organized football player at that time. He played basketball well enough and received a scholarship to an American university, Northwestern State University.

In the university, he played a total number of 88 games during the 2003-04, 2004-05, and 2006-07 seasons. In 2007 he was one out of only four National Collegiate Athletic Association, NCAA athletes who played basketball as well as football in Division I. After this season, he took the decision to properly give up basketball and concentrate on football only.

Demetress Bell’s College Life

Bell’s high school didn’t have a football ground, so he hadn’t played a proper football game before getting into Northwestern State University. Between September to November of the year 2005, he started playing for the football team in the position of defensive end.

The following year he started playing at a left tackle position after the offensive line of the team got affected by injuries. In that particular game season, he earned second-team All-Louisiana honors. He graduated from the university in 2008.

Demetress Bell’s Career in Sports

After graduating from Northwestern State University in 2008, he was drafted by the Buffalo Bills after six rounds of the 2008 NFL Draft. Bell’s raw skills encouraged the Bills. They saw him as a long-term project. He started playing as an active player. The team didn’t assign him to the practice squad. They couldn’t take the risk of him getting signed by another term.

Demetress Bell
Demetress Bell

In 2009 Dick Jauron, Bills coach at that time, positioned Bell as the team’s starting left tackle for that year’s regular season after observing his performance in the off-season and pre-season training sessions.

Demetress Bell’s journey with Buffalo Bills came to an end after a knee injury during his game with Tennessee Titans.

After the Buffalo Bills, Demetress Bill signed a contract with Philadelphia Eagles on 4th April 2012. The contract’s first year was worth $3.25 million. He played a total of nine games, out of which five were starts. He suffered injuries, and if he was to be included in the 2013 roster, then the Eagles would have to pay him a huge amount of total $8 million. On February 6, 2013, Demetress was released from his contract with the Eagles.

After Eagles, he was signed by Dallas, Texas, on July 21, 2013, and later in the year, on August 31, was released from the contract. After Dallas, Texas, Bell has been out of the league.

Demetress Bell’s Net Worth

Demetress has an estimated net worth of around $5 million. Though he’s been out of the league after his contract ended with Dallas, Texas, he earned his wealth through various other sources such as NFL Contracts, sponsorships, endorsements, investments, and many more.

Demetress Bell
Demetress Bell

In his first season, he earned a swooping amount of $351,600, followed by $348,529 in his second. During his third season, he earned $1,3000,000, and a large amount of $3,250,000 in his fourth and final season in NFL.

While being with the Eagles and the Bills, Bell accumulated a wealth of $5,720,129, out of which $2,470,129 was from the Bills and the remaining from the Eagles.

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