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Summer Time Render Episode 4 Release Date And Where To Watch?

CC: Summer Time Rendering

Mystery anime, the mystery genre, in particular, tends to catch on slow, but they do it well when they do. The events in the last episode had opened many questions for which fans, and even I, of the anime, are excited for Summer Time Render Episode 4. Shinpei is still in the second iteration of the time loop for the night of 24th April. This informs us that the time window of the Time loop is yet to be revealed. After that, Shinpei will have to learn how to work things out and get to the bottom of this.

Shinpei also shows hesitation in going too deep. It has only been two times, and he is already afraid of dying. The anime also brings little scenes from past iterations to show how things went different and what the cause-and-effect of actions were. Lastly, the 24th of April is also the day of the summer festival at Shinpei’s home. And at the end of the episode, we also saw a familiar face, a person that should be dead. Could they be a shadow?

Summer Time Render Episode 4

CC: Summer Time Render Franchise

Summer Time Render Episode 4

Ushio’s appearance at the end of the last episode was a surprise, but in a world with doppelgangers, the question that comes to mind is, is she real? Her coming out is an ambiguous twist in the story; she could be, or she is a ghost, or she could be real. In the first episode, we see Ushio giving a gift to Shinnpei in his dreams, making his right eye look like hers and traveling through time by death. There may be another condition to trigger the time loop, but it has not been said yet.

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One important thing to note about time travel mystery anime is they do two things one reveals the mystery, and the other shows how the character relations to the far end, with reset ( for good or bad). Mio having feelings for Shinpei had been hinted at initially, but it was confirmed in the last episode. We also see other characters’ relationships. Shinpei still hasn’t moved away from Ushio, while Mio starts expressing her feelings, only to fail. Sou wants to be there for Mio and console her but respects her feelings and doesn’t want his friendship with Shinpei to suffer, with Tokiko being the mitigator between this trainwreck of relations. But with Ushio’s ghost coming out, will it affect the current state of relations? And how will it affect the time loop, if at all?

Summer Time Render Episode 4

CC: Summer Time Render Franchise

What is the release date of Summer Time Render Episode 4?

Summer Time Render Episode 3 will release on May 5 in Japan and other regions. For Australia, it will be available on May 6.

  • Pacific Time: 8 AM
  • Central Time: 10 AM
  • Eastern Time: 11 AM
  • British Time: 4 PM
  • Indian Standard time: 7.30 PM
  • Japanese Standard time: 11.00 PM
  • Australian Time: midnight ( May 6)

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Where to watch Summer Time Render Episode 4?

The Show is available on Tokyo MX, BS11, and Kansai TV. Disney+ has only licensed the series, but sadly, that is only for Japan; there is no way to watch the anime officially; Disney + could make the series available later.

What is Summer Time Render Anime?

Shinpei became an orphan at a young age, but his childhood friend’s family adopted him. Now Shinpei is returning after being out in the city for two years. Not for a reunion, though; he has come back to attend the funeral of his childhood friend(Ushio), who drowned while saving a child. Grimace by old memories and unfulfilled promises, Shinpei quickly learns her death wasn’t an accident but a possible murder. He is shocked by this, but he treats it as a rumor and moves on with no proof of it. He doesn’t get to be that way. However, it revealed that Ushio was murdered by a strange phenomenon described as a shadow. While supernatural forces are stacked against him, Shinpei gains the power of his own. He can go back in time and start over from 22nd April. The day he comes to his hometown.

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