My Hero Academia Chapter 352 Release Date and Where to Read?


After keeping fans hanging for two weeks, chapter 352 of My Hero Academia will be published this week. The conclusion of the last chapter did not disclose the outcome of Shoto’s assault on Dabi. Horikoshi’s creative hiatus and Shueisha’s Golden Week publishing hiatus have left fans with two weeks of unanswered questions. It seems doubtful that Horikoshi would cut to a different location to sustain the tension. In the last chapter, When it comes to his children, he isn’t bound by such restrictions. Dabi launched “Flashfire Fist: Hell Spider” in an attempt to obliterate Shoto. Meanwhile, the flames of Dabi were considerably hotter and more devastating. As Shoto prepared his Flashfire Fist, Endeavor and his sidekicks were easily beaten.

Nonetheless, My Hero Academia chapter 352 might mark the conclusion of the Todoroki brothers’ battle, in which case a change of site is likely. In chapter 352 of My Hero Academia, he will likely concentrate on either Uraraka’s war against Toga or Deku’s arrival in U.A. to confront Shigaraki, putting his readers on another cliffhanger. However, we hope it resumes soon. This article has all the latest updates of My Hero Academia chapter 352. Scroll below to find the newest information, raw scans, release date, etc.

My Hero Academia Chapter 352

Dabi is supposed to be the target of Shoto’s assault. In My Hero Academia chapter 352, Phosphor’s impact on Dabi and his blue flames will be exposed. In both offensive and defensive situations, Shoto’s offense is quite successful. He should be immune to Dabi’s flames because of this, providing him with an extra edge. In Kamino, Enji is unlikely to emerge to mediate or stand between Toya and Shoto suddenly. Seeing Enji and the Gunga Mountains if one or both of his sons are defeated or killed in My Hero Academia chapter 352 is entirely plausible. The only way to rescue Toya physically is if Shoto overcomes his bigger brother.

According to some readers, the brothers’ relationship may be saved if Shoto can convince Toya to go past his revenge. However, it seems doubtful that Toya and Dabi would be able to make amends in My Hero Academia chapter 352, considering his newfound focus on revenge after becoming Dabi. The outcome of the battle between the two brothers is still up in the air. Horikoshi has a reputation for breaking expectations and moving to a different bout instead of continuing with the first one. Toga or Deku’s arrival at U.A. to face Shigaraki might be the centerpiece of My Hero Academia chapter 352, which would leave his fans with another cliffhanger.

What is the release date of My Hero Academia Chapter 352?

Many were disappointed with the previous delays in the release of My Hero Academia Chapter 352. Due to Japan’s Golden Week, all issues of the Weekly Shonen Jump will be missing this week. However, it has been confirmed that My Hero Academia chapter 352 will be released globally on Sunday, May 15th, 2022. The spoilers are expected to release soon; we will be sure to be back with updates once they release.

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Where to read My Hero Academia Chapter 352?

After release, chapter 352 of My Hero Academia will be accessible for free on Manga Plus, Viz, and the Shonen Jump App. Also, the latest three chapters are free to read on the official website of Viz. Other than that, it is also available in Manga +. It is a Shueisha-owned software that distributes manga from their magazine throughout the globe. In addition to Shonen Jump, Shueisha also publishes One Piece and several other notable manga series. Except for Japan, China, and South Korea, Manga plus offers its services all around the globe.

Preview of My Hero Academia Chapter 351

Endeavor’s a most effective weapon and a most apparent indication of his limitations, according to Chapter 351. While his boys have no such limits to contend with, he does. “Flashfire Fist: Hell Spider” was released by Dabi to obliterate Shoto in one hit.  Though born with every advantage, unlike Toya, Shoto was chided by Dabi for not making use of it. He used “Flashfire Fist: Jet Burn” to send Shoto into a building, warning him that he would never be anything if he continued in this way. Shoto had been putting out only half-hearted efforts to his brother’s annoyance throughout the years.

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Endeavor apologized in flashback and offered to trade places with Shoto to make up for the assignments. But Shoto had reminded him that without Endeavor, the pro heroes would have little hope of defeating AFO. Toya’s death is his aim, and he vowed to his father that he would be the one to do it. He pleaded with Dabi to keep the domestic quarrel between them private and instead focus his fury on Shoto. After he finished speaking, Shoto used his “Flashfire Fist: Phosphor,” which blended the intense temperatures of his two sides and allowed him to employ both of his oddities throughout his body. Using his right hand as a weapon, he engulfed himself in flames and unleashed a torrent of embers. So, there concludes the chapter 352 update for My Hero Academia. Stay tuned to Artistree for the latest MHA news and much more.