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Corporate Monster Ending Explained: What Happened In The End?

Corporate Monster Ending Explained
Corporate Monster

Today we will be taking up the topic ” Corporate Monster Ending Explained”. Corporate Monster is a 2019 Short film. The film runs for a span of fourteen minutes and is directed by Ruairi Robinson. The writers of the short movie are Eoin Rogers and also the director himself, Ruairi Robinson. It is actually a horror-action movie or you could say that it is a psychological thriller.

A part of Corporate Monster is based on a Stephen King short story, “The ten o’clock people”, that is in the nightmare and dreamscape sections. The only difference is that smokers were able to see the monsters in the original story. It is possible that this story will be a sequel. IMDb has given the movie a 6.7 out of 10.

Robert Turner is a man who spirals into depression and starts seeing monsters. His character is played by the American-born Canadian actor Kett Turton. The main cast of the movie also includes the English actress Jenna Coleman who portrays the character Ellen who is the main character’s girlfriend. The Vagrant is played by Jimmy Doom.  Keep Reading to know more about the topic “Corporate Monster Ending Explained” and other information about the short film.

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Corporate Monster Plot

An unstable man spirals into depression after losing his job. Taking his doctor’s pills to treat his condition, he begins seeing things: he sees people as frightening monsters, creatures that control the world from the shadows and stay concealed by people’s blindness and apathy. Ellen, his girlfriend desperately tries to bring him back to reality. But her efforts are rendered useless since he continues to see the world as full of these monsters. As he becomes convinced that they’re controlling the world, he drives himself to almost calamitous action.

Corporate Monster Ending Explained

Corporate Monster 2019

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Corporate Monster Ending Explained

It serves as a reminder that not everything is as it seems in the old horror trope. A man who has been laid off from his job visits a doctor who prescribes him what appears to be an unapproved FDA drug that helps with depression. Our main character starts seeing people in a different light soon after. They Live has a similar feel to John Carpenter’s film. Gruesome looking squid faces incarnate in front of our would-be hero. Those in question appear to be politicians and wealthy people in authority positions.

As our short film clambers along, our main character’s mental health appears to be waning. Trying to convince his girlfriend that a conspiracy surrounds them and that the squid-faced humanoids are trying to take over. He is suffering from serious mental health problems, and she begs him to get help. As a result of her pleas, he offers her one of the pills so she can see for herself what is happening in the world.

Corporate Monster Ending Explained

Corporate Monster

Our squid-faced humanoids eventually chase him. A cop with a tentacle face chases him, and, to his luck, he kills the cop and disarms it. After getting its tentacle face bashed in, the humanoid disappears. The main character becomes a guardian. Shotgun-wielding and killing all the monsters he sees, he searches for his girlfriend and goes to her place of work.

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Review of the short film

Many horror fans will see echoes of John Carpenter’s “They Live” here, but Robinson has a knack for creating atmosphere and building characters without sacrificing dramatic tension. The film is anchored by smart, solid performances, including one by actor Jenna Coleman as the girlfriend balancing concern for her troubled boyfriend with growing concerns for her own safety. Deft editing and pacing keep the narrative moving forward on the fumes of paranoia as we chart the main character’s growing instability and alternate between personal character moments and great action sequences.

The look and feel of this film, along with that of Carpenter, owes a lot to the gritty, urban sci-fi films of the 1980s that often saw urban settings teeming with danger and catastrophe. The paranoia that the world is controlled by a small, wealthy, powerful elite is a hallmark of our time, and corporate dominance has infected the most intimate, individual levels of existence.

Though the short is superb entertainment and begs for a feature film adaptation, it gives voice to today’s worrying social anxieties in a thoughtful way. It seems the film is saying that maybe there are no literal monsters in today’s world — but venality, greed, and inhumanity lurk beneath its rotten surface. That is all about the topic “Corporate Monster Ending Explained”.

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